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Mom Of 3 Normalizes Life As A Busy Parent By Sharing Tour Of 'Messy' Home

If you currently have a messy home, you're not alone.

If you currently have a messy home AND kids, then you're in good company with Emma Mead. The mom has three has set out to normalize messy homes by giving home tours on TikTok.

It's been making parents on the app feel so much better about their perfectly imperfect lives.

Let's not beat around the bush here: kids are HELLA messy.

Just look at these kids who turned their bathroom into the equivalent of a car wash.

While this would be any kid's dream, it's easily any parent's nightmare. That's a LOT of bubbles to clean up.

Or this photo that proves kids should never be left alone — even for a second.

This little lady has got that guilty look written (and painted) all over her.

Looks like that home renovation will take much longer to be finished. Paint is not easy to get out.

With regular mess and clutter that accumulates, it's easy for parents to feel inadequate if their homes aren't perfectly clean 24/7.

Thankfully, one TikToker has set out to normalize all that!

Meet Emma Mead, a 34-year-old mom of three from Essex, England.

She's started a new series on the app where she takes viewers into unchartered terrority: an unfiltered view of her home.

Nothing is off-limits for the authentic mom — viewers see unmade beds and lots of clutter.

She posted her first home tour on the app on April 24.

"Here's my bed, which is never made! Featuring the one corner where the sheet never fits properly!" she says in the TikTok video.

Instead of hanging towels in the bathroom, they get hung over the banister of the stairs.

Still better than the floor where they won't dry properly.

"We're actually quite proud of the fact that our lounge light only has three lights working," she says, showing the light in all its three-light glory.

She got super relatable when she showed "one of those essential baskets that acquires all the random crap."

Don't lie; you definitely have one of those.

Since sharing that first video, it's racked up over 658k views and hundreds of supportive comments.

"Omg thank you!!!!!!! I'm sick of show houses!" wrote one.

"I thought I was the only one who has towels over the bannister!!! lol," added another. Others praised her home for actually being a home.

Mead has shared many other home tours since then.

In a video posted on April 26, she shared a pile of clothes sitting on the floor.

"These clothes haven't been worn since 2019 because they need to be ironed," she says in the video. "If you have random items on your stairs, let's be friends," she says.

The relatable comments just kept on coming.

"Omg our house has all of these...this is great. more more more," one user commented. "This is literally my house, so glad I'm not alone," another added.

"Those clothes from 2019 are so accurate in my case I can't haha," one wrote.

Viewers felt that it was so refreshing to see a home on social media that's actually imperfect.

"Your house is a home and we need to normalize stuff like this," one follower commented.

"Some people are obsessed with having their house like a show home."

Mead's videos are even helping people improve their mental health.

"Came upon this after being depressed by the previous TikTok showing a woman who has the most organized home I have EVER seen ... thank you," another wrote.

For more of Mead's videos, check out her TikTok here!

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