19+ People Who Got Creative With Their Parenting

There are a lot of parents out there who love to revel in their ingenuity when it comes to keeping their little ones on the straight and narrow!

So, from parents who used truly bizarre threats to get their children to clean up after themselves to parents who invented strange paraphernalia to keep their children civil, here are 19+ people who got creative with their parenting!

"Mom is the manager of the golf course. She's still keeping tabs on me, I'm 35."

This is actually incredibly sweet, and I am sure that deep down he is actually made up that his mother does this!

"Way to go mom!"

Who says that you can't be a successful athlete while having a child strapped to your front?!

Kids Really Do Change Everything!

The individual who posted this explained, "Thinking of having a baby? On the left is a picture of my Nonna enjoying Venice before she had kids. On the right is a picture in the same location a few years later where she is desperately trying to stop my toddler-aged father from publicly executing a pigeon."

"My brother-in-law in NY wrote my 3-year-old son this note with the Pokemon cards he sent him."

I love that, even in his hungover state, he managed to add the little "registered" mark next to the Happy Meal. Now that is attention to detail!


The toddler has now claimed the house, all that is left is this single stronghold to provide peace for the parent. It's a tale as old as time.

"My Apple Watch accidentally overhearing an embarrassing convo I was having with a friend."

No parent should ever refer to their child's boyfriend/girlfriend as their "sex partner," I would have thought that this was obvious.

"Not sure if public shaming of his children, or if he wanted to dress like this in the first place."

Look, if you want to wear them then just wear them my man! There's no shame in wanting to wear them yourself!

"My daughter is currently pulling a D- in math. This is her phone."

I know that people can love getting a new phone case, but I cannot imagine this one being a hit.

Tell 'Em How You Really Feel!

What a mature and definitely not petty name for a boat! I kind of love it actually, but I'm sure their dad doesn't.

"I gave this bag to my mom for her 40th birthday, she saved it 24 years to give me on my 40th."

I am sure that you can work out what the word is here, and it pretty accurately sums up how most people feel about getting older!

"Where is Uranus? My 9-month-old's PJs leave no doubt."

Teaching your children about the solar system at such a young age through weirdly specific pyjamas isn't the most conventional way to teach children, but it might work...who knows?!

"Somebody's not a happy little Princess…"

I don't know what they have been teaching this little girl about Disney as a company, but she's clearly not a fan!

"I'm 34!"

I can imagine that this spurred quite a serious chat between this mother and their offspring!

"That face as this is the second time she had dumped the sprinkles at the local ice-cream shop..."

I wonder if they will be docking her pay for this! I mean, I am assuming that she is working there!

"Parents gave me a gift for college today, which was all the money that my mom found in my pockets when doing my laundry..."

At first, I could not see this totalling that much, but this person went on to say that there was $415 in there! How much money have I been washing all these years?!

"A couple of these in my neighbourhood. If you see him, it really would be appreciated."

This millipede's parents don't seem particularly bothered. You would have thought that they would have at least put his picture on milk cartons!

"They really nailed the kids' menu."

I like this restaurant's way of thinking that two out of three times just give the kid a quesadilla and they'll be quiet. Works for a lot of adults too.

"Mom has had enough of my little bro."

Wow, well that is a threat and a half! I'm pretty damn sure that this will solve the problem, and if it doesn't then there is something wrong with their brother!

The Get Along Shirt...

I feel like this could be a good thing to implement in certain political debates, just make world leaders get along by force.

"My sister lost her phone at a bar. This is what my mom sent her when she asked for a replacement."

I actually had one of these, they were pretty decent phones if I recall. I bet there's some really naughties-specific ringtones on this bad boy that have been bluetoothed over.