12+ Times Designs Were So Sneaky, We Nearly Missed Them

Who here is a fan of products that come with hidden features? I tell you, folks that come up with this kind of stuff are genius.

Don't you think it's hard enough to develop a useful product in the first place? I think so, too. So let's all marvel at these awesome ideas here that deserve all the accolades they receive.

1. This Bike Seat

Check this out: This bike seat not only looks cool, but it has a double feature. It also serves as a bike lock. What? OMG, that's pretty much brilliant. I need to get this for my bike.

2. This Hidden TV Idea

Do you want a TV or a picture frame? Well, with this cool design here, you can have both. Isn't it so fantastic that this picture frame turns into a retractable TV? I need one of those, hee-hee.

3. This Staples Logo Fun Fact

Is it just me, or did you know this about the Staples logo? I never noticed that the L is shaped as a half-opened staple. How neat is that? I need to pay more attention to stuff, ha, ha!

4. This Multi-Functional Hair Clip

Can you believe this? I had no idea there was a hair clip that had so many functions. This one is also a small screwdriver, a scraper, a serrated knife, a bottle opener, and a box opener. Wow!

5. This Side Table

Isn't this such a cute side table? I think so, too. But did you know that it also doubles as a speaker? It comes with a battery that lasts for up to 10 hours. What a great idea, huh?

6. This Coffee Company Logo

How cute is this coffee company logo here? It's a lion drinking coffee. I love when designers think outside the box to create something that's really clever and appealing to the consumer. Do you like this design, too?

7. This Staircase

At first, I wasn't sure what I was looking at, and then I realized it. This staircase opens up to unveil a hidden room inside. Isn't that such a cool feature or what? I would love to have that in my house.

8. This Burger King Box Feature

Did you know about this? I have to admit, it's been a while since I've had a Burger King burger. Let me ask you, has this box feature been there all along, or is it something brand new?

9. This Phone Feature

Now I get it — I was so confused when I would sometimes get option number one and other times option number two. This is such useful information. I feel like I'm still learning my phone's features, ha, ha!

10. This Bench

Isn't this such a great bench? Well, if you like how it looks, I bet you'll love its actual feature. If you can believe it, it doubles as a cat litter box. It hides it so perfectly, no?

11. This Fries Container

I don't know if you realized this, but you can use the fries container's flap for dispensing ketchup. Oh, why I haven't done this before? It's such a great solution, especially when you're on the go.

12. This Freezer Feature

Okay, am I alone in this? Did you realize that your freezer's grooves are there so you can stack meat packages? Wow, now that I see this, it makes perfect sense. I'm going to start doing this to fit more stuff in our freezer.

13. This Table

First of all, this is a beautiful table. I don't think it would stay this clean in my house, but I love that it has a hidden compartment to store things like puzzle or game pieces. This is such a great feature to store some extra stuff.

Oh my goodness, I'm so impressed with all these clever designs here.

Have you stumbled upon a design that has totally blown you away lately? I would love to hear about it. So, feel free to share your discovery with all of us.