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20 Things That Were Hidden So We Would Notice Them Later

One of life's little pleasures involves spotting things that are mostly hidden. Heck, a keen eye can even save lives in the right circumstances.

I'm not saying any of these are life-changing or life-saving, but they're certainly a lot of fun.

The i7 neighborhood.

Reddit | Ulrizza

The backs of those fun little holographic Intel stickers tend to hide an Easter egg: patterns representing the system architecture.

Triangle, square, circle, cross.

Reddit | shantmeg

When video games aren't trolling you, they're offering up stuff like this: PS5 screws that are embossed with little PlayStation symbols.

Sounds strong.

Reddit | Jebbsterboy

I know this is all marketing speak, but you'd better believe I want the deodorant that shoots lasers at stench monsters.

Sneaky serpent.

The edge of this windshield has a pretty typical design, apart from the itty-bitty dragon that's lurking amid the dots.

I get that reference.

Reddit | fullhe425

On the contrary, bottle of dishwashing liquid, I would actually be very surprised if my silverware and dishes suddenly gained sentience and made a run for it.

Give it a good squeeze.

Reddit | hover-goat-3000

I really appreciate the instructions on this carton of milk. My favorite part is that they didn't want to draw a diagram, but did anyway.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Reddit | neogetz

This little drawing was found under the flaps of a box of fudge. I appreciate you, helpful recycling monkey.


Reddit | Throw123400

In my opinion, every bridge that exists in a woodland setting needs to have some kind of troll reference on it.

Unimaginable strength.

Reddit | importfanboy

This bollard looks like it's busted but if you look a little closer, it's clearly because Ant-Man is fighting an epic battle on it.


Reddit | anon-102

I love the simple Sharpie art on display here. It takes two inanimate objects and somehow injects them with humanity.

Thanks, sound board!

Reddit | j450n_l

This was found on the internals of some DJ equipment. Even though it's unlikely most people will ever see it, it's a nice sentiment.

Wait, what?

Reddit | evohans

This says 'shrimp'. But flipped this way, it also looks like it says 'always'. Always shrimp, I suppose.

Not too precise.

Reddit | FBogg

On one hand, I'd like the installers to be a little more precise with their work. On the other hand, I appreciate the honesty.

All major theme parks have delays.

Reddit | jabbawaffle213

Look closely at this kids' book and you'll see John Hammond, the patriarch / neglectful owner of Jurassic Park.

Bonus brush.

Reddit | technicalityNazi

Sometimes you're just climbing a gigantic cell phone tower when you find a toothbrush, hundreds of feet in the air.

The more you know.

Nothing helps drive home the massive scale of dinosaurs quite like comparing their dimensions to modern day network cables.

A burn from the PS2 era.

Reddit | ZigZach77

This PlayStation 2 CD is absolutely savage. On one hand, it's super insulting. On the other, it's downright delightful.

Mamma mia!

Reddit | butterkeks2021

Whoever designed this cow balloon clearly got tired of sketching random shapes and decided to just put a map of Italy on the side.

Hidden logo.

Reddit | cmc335

When this lens is dry, it looks totally normal. But when there's a bit of water on it, a hidden logo is revealed.

Family photo.

Twitter | @ucidennis

This is basically one of those family-themed car decals, only instead of a typical family it shows Mars rovers: Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, Perseverance and Ingenuity.

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