17+ People Who Came Up With Genius Solutions To Hilarious Problems

Life can throw you an unexpected curveball at any moment, and it is those moments that sort the MacGyvers from the dunces!

So, from people who tricked cats in the most devious ways possible to individuals who revolutionised reading in the bath, here are 16+ people who came up with clever solutions to hilarious problems!

"I wanted to make my ant traps extra effective."

Only Fants sounds more like a service where you pay to watch people drink different flavors of Fanta and review them. Some people might be into that...definitely not me though! Anyway, let's move on!

"Window broken? There's always ducktape!"

I love the quotation marks around the word "window," they really make the whole thing.

"Finally, a cool back window wiper!"

They should also try putting two Arnies on the front as well. Sure, they wouldn't be able to see much but it would be worth it!

"I slept through all of my phone alarms today so I rigged a TENS unit to an alarm clock. It hurts a lot."

And yes, for anyone unsure of what a TENS unit does, it sends electrical pulses through your skin.

"Clams in Warsaw equipped with switches turn cities pumps off by closing when water quality drops."

Christ, I love this so much. One explanation, translated from Polish explained:

"At the water intake itself, eight mussels of the pointed scallop species will be placed in a special tank. Each one will be fitted with an electromagnet cooperating with measuring probes, which will record the degree of opening of the shell every second and their natural biorhythm comparable to a human ECG. The sudden closing of the shells of these organisms will immediately signal an adverse change in water parameters. Then the electronic sensors will react and the system will generate an alarm signal for laboratory services."

Seamless Work!

You would have thought that they would have at least snapped the bottom handle off, right? Although, maybe that's part of the aesthetic?

"I found the other iPhone speakers lacking something, so I made this."

What I love about this is that it is not only effective, but it looks classy as well! A triumph in engineering!

"Never drop a book on the bath again. My 8-year-old daughter's invention."

I am amazed that I have never managed to think of something like this. All of those times swearing at sodden books for nothing.

"Makeshift remote control."

The days after MacGyver's series ended and he had to go work for Best Buy were hard on him though, that's for sure.

"That's probably why women live longer than men..."

I can barely look at this without feeling a sweat coming on. What on Earth is that guy on the left with one hand on the ladder going to do if it slips?!

"Roommate punched a hole in his door. I fixed it."

Sure, this is a quick fix for the door, but I think that they maybe need to address why this guy is punching holes in doors in the first place.

"There was no air condition in my room, so I did this."

So, they just had all of this plastic lying around? I knew there was a reason why no one should ever throw anything away ever! You'll always find a use for everything!

"Wanted to watch the game on TV..."

I can just imagine tech company owners looking at this and flying into a hot rage at the ingenuity.

"Very effective fake laptop trap."

Wow, so this is not only a laptop but it is also a cardboard box, it's the perfect cat combo!

"If you stain a shirt, you can simply outline the stain with a sharpie and give it a name. This will make it seem like you visit islands."

I like that he has already spilt coldbrew on this white shirt and now he's drinking red wine as well. This man likes to live dangerously.

"Wife wanted a fitbit. Do you think she'll like it?"

I cannot see why she wouldn't! Nothing like lugging around a huge chunk of machinery with you all day everyday!

"Seems Legit."

This little kid clearly has a future career in MI5, this is some serious espionage. If that fails, they can always work as a forger as well.

"My parents don't have weighing scales so they weigh our gas canister on the Wii Fit."

It is nice that the Wii Fit board took the time to compliment the gas canister on it posture!

"An entrepreneur left this at my front door."

This sounds like a win for everyone involved. You get your trash dealt with and you support a local small business in the process.

"The button switch didn’t work so I had to find something to keep it pressed."

In all honesty, I doubt I would have been able to come up with something like this. So simple yet so clever, and not to mention effective.

"Instead of putting a repeater indicator on the platform, TfL decided to point a camera at the ones upstairs."

At least the information is always accurate and synched up? That's the only positive I can see here.

"My uncle is one step ahead of us."

These are good first measures, but you'll need to reinforce a lot more if you're that concerned about your gas tank.

"The remote is on a leash now."

The uploader didn't even have to say why the remote is on a leash. We all know. We look at this and nod our heads in understanding.

"Cleaning made simple with power tools."

This is peak 'work smart not hard', and it's always the best possible move.

"The shelf label I found at Target today sold me on this car shampoo."

I would genuinely love to see reviews and employee opinions on certain products in stores. It'd make picking brands a lot easier.

"Gettin’ real tired of these life insurance offers...:

Your biggest secret finally spilled because of some spam mail. That goes to show just how annoyed you were.

"My parents surprised me with a birthday cake. I turn 21 this year."

Good ol' Roman numerals. They're a classic!

"Clever workaround to the buzzer."

Actually, I loved living in a flat that had a broken buzzer. No one could ever get a hold of me, it was so peaceful.

"Just saw this on my good friend’s snap story. They live in Wisconsin."

Whatever gets the word out there I guess. They better not be mad about getting greasy applications back, though.

"Anticipating questions at work."

The general public clearly care more about whether the dog is fine than the person with the broken arm. People just love dogs more than people, that's a fact!