DIYer Transforms Abandoned Ikea Cabinet Into An Expensive-Looking Dupe

I'm always in such awe of people who can transform abandoned furniture into amazing-looking pieces. It's even more impressive when the original piece gets made over into something that looks much more expensive.

That is exactly the case with this super cool DIY I'm about to show you here. Check it out, and let me know what you think of it.

A TikTok user named Christina, who goes by the handle @flipdaddie, is known to upcycle old furniture.

Unsplash | Hello I'm Nik

She makes them over into the most stunning pieces. You'd think that they came straight out of a store. I kid you not.

She just made over an old wooden cabinet into a stunning-looking Wayfair dupe.

Unsplash | Yehleen gaffney

Once you see the transformation, you will be floored by how great it looks. I'm going to show you her step-by-step process so you'll get an idea of how she did it.

Here's the inspiration for the whole project.

Christina wanted to turn this plain white cabinet into this cool-looking Wayfair-inspired sideboard. However, she actually turned into something a lot more exciting. So follow along to see the final product. Let's go!

She started off by sanding the whole thing to make it all smoother.

Then, she filled some holes with what she calls "peanut butter." Ha, ha! (It's actually just wood filler.) Next, she painted the whole thing with a pastel pink color.

After that, she removed the original handles.

Then, she installed this nifty rack. As you can see, she's actually turning this piece into a cute wine cart. So, she needed this rack to hang up her wine glasses. Isn't that so clever or what?

Now comes the fun part.

Christina had to create a similar pattern that you saw in the Wayfair piece. So, she used blue tape to make the design. I know it looks like madness, but there's a method to it.

After she spray-painted the pattern with gold spray paint, she sealed it with a sealant.

Then, she removed the wheels and replaced them with gold feet. She also spray-painted other hardware to match the gold accents to make it all cohesive.

To remind you what the old piece looked like, here's the before and after picture.

Isn't that absolutely amazing? I'm blown away at the difference. I would totally swear that she bought this somewhere. I would never have guessed this was a DIY project.

So what do you think of this cool furniture DIY?

Do you dig it as much as I do? Have you ever done anything like this yourself? I honestly wish this lady could upcycle some old furniture for me. It looks so stunning and expensive.