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Parents Are Sharing Photos Of The Ridiculous Reasons Why Their Kids Threw A Tantrum

People cry at different types of situations, but it's usually because they're sad or happy. But as most parents have found out, that's not always the case when it comes to their kids.

Kids tend to throw tantrums for reasons nobody can even understand, and when that happens it's often ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

"He wants to get on the bus. The bus on the TV."


Ha, ha, ha, I dare you to try to explain to him that it's simply impossible. Go on, and good luck!

"Today I am an #a**holeparent because he suddenly wanted his cycling backpack...which I didn't take to the park... Because it doesn't actually exist."

Oh no, this isn't good.

"On this edition of #a**holeparent, mom made her choose ONE pair of pink swim goggles...."

Oh dear, not that problem again. Don't you understand kids cannot deal with choices? Sigh, this is a doozy.

"Why has your child cried today? Mine is because her sister is holding her hand."

Oh, imagine the horror of a sibling actually holding your hand. That can be so traumatic.

"This tantrum brought to you by 'Mom won’t let me flip my little brother over in his jumper.'"

LOL. Yes, you shouldn't endanger your one child for the other's pleasure.

"Today’s reason on why my kid is crying...he wants to be a least he said “thanks.”

Oh, well then that excuses everything if he says thanks. LOL!

"Today I was an #a**holeparent because I told him he could go anywhere he wanted after the doctor."

I guess he couldn't decide where he wanted to go after all.

"I told him his baby has blue eyes like him."


I guess he wasn't exactly expecting to hear that. I mean, how dare the baby have the same eye color.

"I’m an a**hole parent bc I put her hood on."


That solves it, next time she's just gonna have to get cold without her hood and probably cry again.

"Because the blanket had a wrinkle."


Being a perfectionist, I can kinda relate to this. I feel like I wanna cry when I see my top all wrinkled.

"Mad because I told her 'no, she couldn’t chew on dad’s wedding ring.'"

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Is that too much to ask?

"Won't let her throw freshly folded clothes across the living room."

Instagram | @assholeparent_

You know when the best time to throw clothes around is? When they're freshly washed and folded!

Come on, mom!

"I’m clearly an #a**holeparent because I wouldn’t let her eat the Fruit By The Foot wrapper."

Instagram | @assholeparent_

Who knew plastic could be so flavorful?

"Well, today I’m the #a**holeparent because I made the twins waffles like they both asked for."

Instagram | @em_d29

Maybe they're just touched with love and gratitude?

"Chippy, our elf on the shelf, moved."

Instagram | @jacque.lebbin

I don't like change either, bud.

"Apparently I’m an #a**holeparent because I didn’t allow her to eat popcorn from the trash right after she had a large breakfast."

Instagram | @papagettingfit

At least she wanted to make sure nothing went to waste, I guess?

"When you suddenly discover that pancakes are not made of popcorn and you hate them from this moment on?!?"

Instagram | @wndrwmn2

This kid sure loves popcorn!

"I put the duster on the handle so he could sweep. Like he asked to..."

Instagram | @lauren__mccoy

He'll learn why there are still crumbs on the floor, eventually.

"My sister started singing along to baby shark and I didnt [sic] want her to."

Instagram | @daniellechow

It's her moment to shine! No one take that from her!

"Because I won’t give him candy canes for dinner...."

Instagram | @kristinarivera

If Buddy the Elf were his parent, he would fully be eating candy canes for dinner.

"On this episode of "I'm an a**hole parent" I won’t sit on her read that right, I won’t sit on HER lap during lunch clearly this makes me the biggest #a**holeparent of all."

Instagram | @nilsa1216

Too funny!

"She wanted ravioli for dinner. I made ravioli for dinner. She didn’t want ravioli for dinner."


They really can be so indecisive. It's like dealing with a child. Hey, wait a minute...

"I won't let him eat the cat's food."


OMG, that one simply kills me. I would be kinda tempted to let him try it and see what happens.

Words cannot describe how bad I feel for these parents.

I mean it seems like they're doing everything they can for their kids, right? But still not good enough. LOL! Good luck parents!

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