17+ Times People Got Creative In Weird Ways

There are few things better than seeing someone be truly creative, and sometimes the weirder the ways that someone is expressing their creativity the better!

So, from people making truly impossible cakes from Disney movies to people crocheting terrifying classical artistic masterpieces, here are 17+ times people got creative in weird ways!

"My grandad's been bending spoons to rest on the sides of pots since before I was born."

That is one hell of a neatly bent spoon. And yes, that is perhaps he most boring thing that I have ever gotten excited about.

"I hate Mondays too..."

I don't know why anyone would want to show their love for Garfield in this way, not one bit. But, you do you!

The Tail Might Be A Little Much...

I can't work out whether I absolutely hate this or kind of quite like it. I also can't help but hear Tony The Tiger saying, "It's grrrrrrreat!" when I look at it.

"Joker was a lion tamer?"

Why so tacky? Seriously, why? There is so much terribleness going on here it is hard to pick out the worst part.

"The sleeping beauty cake..."

I think that this is absolutely amazing. I cannot imagine how long it must have taken to balance. If only the broom was made of cake as well!

"Local pizza place uses a garlic knot to prevent the cheese from touching the box."

As a few other people also pointed out, these garlic knots taste miles better than the little plastic tables.

"A local church created a cook book in the 60's. This was submitted by one of the churchgoers."

Do you have an elephant cluttering up your cupboards? Well, you're not alone, but thanks to this easy recipe you can put that elephant to good use!

"I've created a monster..."

This bizarre hybrid would really have changed the tone of Jurassic World if it has been the main antagonist...changed it for the better that is.

"I had a purplish bruise, so I turned it into a ditto.'

If you put this bruise near to the image of another Pokemon do you think it will change shape and copy them?

"Tip jar at local bakery."

Clearly their baking pun isn't hitting the right note with the public if they've only managed to get a dollar. Come on people, tip your bakers, it's the yeast you could do...

"Sidewalk art looking like a dinosaur + a mouse."

It kind of looks like the dinosaur is crying and being comforted by the mouse, which is just unbearably wholesome.

"Crocheted Saturn!"

I have never before felt any reason to start crocheting, but this has caused me to seriously think about starting crocheting. It is absolutely incredible.

"Silly walk clock."

"So, what time is this clock meant to be showing?"

"Don't you get it, it's like the Monty Python sketch?"

"No, I get it Dave, I'm just trying to work out what time it is?"

"Christ knows."

"I have a yellowish bruise, so I turned it into a baby chick."

I had no idea that turning bruises into works of art was such a popular thing nowadays. Creepy, but kind of cute?

"Butt Napkins...?"

I think that there should be an official petition to change the term from toilet paper to butt napkins on a worldwide scale.

"Goose got his tags in today. He's officially in Top Gun."

I can imagine that there must be people who find this cat and spend the rest of the night depressed because they start thinking about Goose's death. Spoiler alert for that movie that came out in 1986.

"Buddy gave me a keepsake hands molding kit for my anniversary. We are still children at heart."

I hope that this wonderful testament to their friendship is passed down for generations.

"A vertical chessboard..."

I don't know why you would ever need one of these, but I cannot help but really want one!

"This building by my house that looks like a box."

I hope to God that they thought of a design feature to prevent this just filling with water when it rains.

"Who needs a mask when you can have a personal ecosystem?"

Look, it is doing the job that a mask should do so whatever floats his boat. I wonder if there's also little bugs in there to make it a really diverse ecosystem?