The Internet Can't Handle Woman's DIY Painting Fail

The next time you plan to tackle a DIY project around the house, take a look through the internet at what not to do.

TikTok user, Lauren Cameron, has your back for that. She dealt with a hilarious DIY fail when the color-blocked arch she painted on her well turned out to be, well, phallic-shaped.

Suffice to say, people can't handle it.

Your next DIY project is only ever clicks away.

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Using tutorials from the internet, you can tackle everything from home decor to holiday decorations to craft ideas for the kids.

But while these tutorials seem simple enough, there are still plenty of folks who mess things up.

Like this person who trapped themselves in their living room.

In case you're wondering, this is where they live now: right on that one section of floor that hasn't been painted yet.

DIY disasters like this prove why hiring professional help isn't cheap. They help prevent failures like this.

Or this person who installed their kitty door backwards. Such a cat-astrophe!

They had every good intention and the added white tail is so cute! But fluffy isn't happy by this mishap.

Rumor has it that this person is currently being held hostage by the kitty until this is fixed.

The point is: we all mess up.

We all fail at some DIY projects, because hey, even professionals sometimes make mistakes!

It happens. And the best DIY fails are the ones that we can all get a good laugh out of.

This next DIY fail will leave you laughing.

In the now-deleted video by TikTok user Lauren Cameron (@logetssocial), she shared that she tried to color-blocked painted arch trend.

This is where you stencil out an arch on your wall and then use painters tape to paint out the shape.

Sounds easy enough, but Lauren messed up one very important part.

"Accidentally painted over some of the tape," she wrote on the video. "And now I have a giant penis on my wall."

Looking at this picture, it's hard to deny that the arch is, erm, phallic-shaped.

Here's how it was supposed to look:

Before the video was deleted, it has racked up more than two million views and 232,000 likes.

It also had thousands of comments from people who couldn't handle the hilarious DIY painting fail.

The comments ranged from "OMG please don't fix it" to "I would leave it, it adds character."

Which honestly, is so heartwarming.

Considering it's the internet, people could have made her feel WAY worse. So joking around with her about how funny it was is much more preferable!

Since this is the internet, the comments also got a little saucy.

"The tip is a little small," one commented. Another pointed out how bad the fail was.

"When you want to follow Pinterest trends but it goes very, very wrong." Since the video was deleted, we're going to assume that she fixed it!

She certainly isn't the very person to have a bad painting fail.

In another one of our articles, we brought you interior designer, Richard O'Gorman, who has been transforming his home with murals.

But even he had a small fail.

When he painted his bedroom a rich dark green color paired with burgundy accents on the door and fireplace, his room looked a little too much like a Christmas Hallmark movie.

Using his talented painting skills, he turned the DIY fail into a DIY win by adding a rustic effect to the murals.

Let's hope Lauren was also able to turn around her DIY fail!

Considering that it was just paint, we have some hope for her.

And now, we want to hear from you.

What are some of your DIY fails? If you have any, let us know what they were down below in the comment section!

We would love to hear from you!

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