Dryer Sheets Are Showing Up In Some People's Mailboxes To Act Against Wasps

For years now, dryer sheets have been showing up in people's mailboxes all across the country. The phenomenon has had homeowners scratching their heads for decades.

As it turns out, there's a very simple and pragmatic reason as to why this is happening. And the answer will more than likely surprise you.

Every single day, thousands of letter carriers find strange and unusual things in people's mailboxes.

According to a post made by Redditor and postal worker Fuzzymagge, "I have found rats, snakes, used bandages, dirty diapers, a turtle that someone ran over, a doll that scared me because I thought it was a dead baby, and of course drugs."

One time, an unsuspecting postal worker even found a live animal!

As they approached the box, the letter carrier noticed a stick wedged into the box's lid.

Thinking that it was just kids pulling a prank, they removed the stick and out jumped a very frightened and very angry cat!

Now, the shoe is on the other foot as homeowners all across the country are finding dryer sheets in their mailboxes.

The trend has left many curious homeowners wondering why this was happening and more importantly — just who was the one doing it?

Thanks to letter carrier and fellow Reddit user istrx13, it appears that we now have the answer.

Chris Strickley began his carrier as a letter carrier more than six years ago.


He said that when he first started delivering mail, he would often see dryer sheets in peoples' mailboxes.

Not knowing the reason why he simply left them alone.

As the weeks went buy, Strickley began noticing that his supervisor always had a package of dryer sheets on his desk.

Chris would even see his peers and colleagues take handfuls of sheets from time to time before heading out on their routes.

"That’s when I finally asked why they were supplying them to us and found out they are a good deterrent for wasps and yellowjackets," Chris said.

Chris' boss never really explained how they work, just that they work.

From that day onward, dryer sheets became a regular part of Chris's routine.

Apparently — the scent from a dryer sheets drives the insects crazy!

Strickley explained that mailboxes are the preferred nesting spots of not only wasps but also the aggressive yellowjacket bee.

Experienced postal workers will tell you that the scent from the sheet is enough to keep the insects away.

Strickley went on to say how at certain times of the year, the insects are almost unbearable.

"I can’t tell you how many times, especially during this part of the year, where I’ve opened up a box to see a little nest with 3-5 Yellowjackets just chillin[sic]," he said.

3-5 bees might not seem like a big deal, but when you multiply it by a hundred houses — it can be dangerous.

Not only are bee stings painful but they can also be deadly.

Bee venom can cause a serious allergic reaction and a small percentage of people have even been known to go into a state of anaphylaxis.

Chris said that sometimes he doesn't know that any bees/wasps are actually in the mailbox until he's already been stung.


Can you imagine how terrifying that would be?

I'm actually afraid to go and check my mailbox after reading this, so I can only imagine how Chris feels.

So moving forward, if you happen to see a dryer sheet in your mailbox — leave it be.


Better yet, put one there yourself! It's a small simple gesture and according to Chris, the scent or brand doesn't matter.

Just make sure to put it in before you discover a bee's nest.

Who knows, you may just be saving your mail carrier from an incredibly painful and unpleasant experience.

Have you ever found a dryer sheet in your mailbox; are you going to start putting one in from now on?

Leave a comment and let us know if it helps keep the bees at bay!