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TikTok User Confronts Men Taking Pics Of Women At The Beach

When one beach-goer saw some men taking unsolicited photos of not only herself, but other women on the beach, she decided to take a stand and confront them then and there, and recorded the whole thing!

A TikTok video made major waves recently as it featured a young girl confronting two men who she caught engaging in predatory behavior.

The video starts strong with the on-screen text stating where they were and what they were up to, including a call to find the men in question.

She speaks loudly and clearly, making sure everyone around can hear.

"Excuse me, I've just seen you guys take pictures of all these women [...] I would like to see you delete my pictures that you took of me and delete all these other womens' pictures that you're taking," is her opening statement; she's not dancing around anything here.

The man shows her his phone and pulls up his photo gallery which contains some immediately damning evidence.

The first photo revealed is of a woman standing by the water, clearly zoomed in and presumably a stranger. The girl urges him to delete it, which he does, then slowly combs through his other photos.

More photos of women on the beach are revealed, all throughout which the uploader is repeatedly telling him to delete, getting (understandably) angrier throughout.

The man's friend tries to dismiss the situation by telling the girl to go away, which she righteously refuses.

"I'm not gonna go away, you guys are [expletive] perverts, taking pictures of all these people!" she responds, staying put and continuing to watch him delete photos.

With over 1 million views and 210k likes, this video has been seen far and wide.

The user also uploaded two other videos, one of which was a continuation of the first. The second showed her catching the two men as they were leaving, calling them out once again.

You can watch the video for yourself and see her incredible action against creepy behavior, but just know that it contains a lot of spicy language.

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