10+ Wholesome Pics Of Celebrities With Their Dogs

There's no bond on earth quite like that between a dog and its master. The love we receive from animals is truly unconditional and can lift our spirits in ways we never thought imaginable.

So to help bring a little joy into your day as we edge closer and closer to the weekend — here are literally just tons of wholesome pics of celebrities with their dogs.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam captioned this adorable photo "Luck dragon." It's a tasty little homage to Falkor from the classic '80s fantasy film The NeverEnding Story.

Have a look and see for yourself — they do kind of look alike, don't you think?

Katy Perry

You aren't hallucinating, this really is a photo of Katy Perry dressed up like Disney's Dumbo alongside her fur baby, Nugget.

I love Disney as much as the next person, but this kind of devotion is beyond compare.

Matthew Perry

I need to believe that when Matthew gets home after a hard day's work and walks into the front hall of his home, the first words out of his mouth have to be "Doodys?!"

Real ones know what I'm talking about.

Sofia Richie

Sofia's precious puppy Hershula is one of the most adorable dogs on Instagram. Not only is she swanky and stylish, just like her momma, but Hershula also commands a wide/ever-expanding social media audience.

To date, Sofia's little Hershey Bar has more than 43K followers.

Andy Cohen

If Andy Cohen isn't careful, his adorable Beagle Wacha will soon be more famous than he is!

Wacha was originally slated to be destroyed before being rescued by @SeeSpotRescued. Not long after that, this floppy-eared sweetheart was officially made a Cohen.

Lana Condor

Would you look at those enchanting baby blue eyes? It makes my heart melt. What warm-blooded creature could ever hope to resist those charms?!

Judging by this picture of the two of them, Emmy the puppers is a regular snuggle monster.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

OK cuteness overload. Hey, Nick and Priyanka — give us a moment to catch our breath, would you?

Of all the celebrity pet accounts to follow on Instagram, few will bring a smile to your face in the way that @ginothegerman does.

Paris Hilton

Is there a more famous dog lover in all of Hollywood? I'm inclined to think not. Paris' pooches want for nothing and live a life of luxury most humans can only ever dream about.

The price tag on Paris' dog mansion alone came to over $300,000.

Channing Tatum

I'm not normally the biggest fan of German Shepherds but how could anyone say a single bad thing about that sweet face?

That right there is a nose that was made for booping. Magic Mike couldn't ask for a better running partner.

Lady Gaga

Gaga's fur family has their own Instagram account as well. Just look at this photo — have you ever seen a more loving embrace?

The peace and serenity on Gaga's face is the kind that only comes from holding a sweet puppers.

Jennifer Aniston

Cards on the table, I've been weighing the pros and cons of getting a dog of my own and I think that Jennifer Aniston has officially pushed me over the edge.

Have you seen anything more lovable in your entire life? Don't say your kids — it's lame.

Amanda Seyfried

Finn Seyfried looks like the kind of dog who could model for Purina. That thick, luscious, chestnut brown coat and those delightful caramel markings give him a regal look.

Almost as if he should be leading a fox hunt or running on the sidelines of a polo match.

Chris Evans

Thank goodness that Chris Evans broke down and got a dog because, without it, I don't know if he would have joined Instagram!

Chris's entire page is littered with the goofiest and most endearing photos of him and his new best friend.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner borrowed her sister Kylie's Italian Greyhounds for a recent backyard photoshoot.

As you can clearly see, photogenic instincts run in the family. Normie and Bambie have their model faces perfected — just like their mom and aunt.

Henry Cavill

Every superhero needs a best friend and Henry's American Akita is as sweet and friendly as they come.

In case you were curious, Henry named the dog Kal (after Kal-El; Superman's Kryptonian name). I'm more partial to Krypto but to each their own.