10+ Weird Celebrity Stories Fans May Not Know

For all the good stories we hear about celebs, there's an equal amount of bizarre ones.

This includes Kesha having, erm, sexy time with a ghost and Bette Midler naming a chicken after Kim Kardashian.

Truthfully, as long as celebs are around, the weirdness just keeps on comin'.

Let's see how many of these 10+ weird celeb stories you didn't know.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz's bikini wax dates.

After we learned about the Goop founders vagina candle, are we even surprised? She shared this TMI tidbit while a booze-fueled interview with Aussie radio hosts, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O.

“Every time I have a bikini wax, Cameron Diaz holds me down," she said.

2. Tony Bennett met his first wife when she was still in the womb.

Yes, really.

He was 40 when he met Susan Benedetto's parents and they showed him a sonogram of Susan. Many years later, they met again and fell in love.

3. Joss Stone was almost murdered by people with a sword.

Since she has social connections to the royals, she was targeted by two men who tried to make their way to her home.

When they were arrested, police found several alarming including a sword, hammer, and a holdall containing a spike.

4. Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence.

The world was stunned when the former pair's relationship turned physical in July 2013.

When police arrived at the couple's hotel in Montreal, Evan had a bloody nose and a bite mark. This led to Roberts being arrested.

5. Lindsay Lohan’s mom called the police over being declined a free ice cream cake from Carvel.

Lindsay was one of 75 celebs gifted with a card that entitles her to free ice cream for 75 years.

So when Dina tried to use the card to get a free ice cream cake, the company refused to do so.

"He grabbed my arm and took my card and held it hostage and wouldn't give me the cake!" Dina Lohan said. "This guy was crazy!"

After the altercation, the company released a statement, saying that the family had been abusing the card for awhile.

6. Matthew McConaughey's dad passed away while having relations with his mom.

The actor revealed this in his memoir, Greenlights.

"I couldn’t believe it. He was my dad. Nobody or nothing could kill him. Except mom. He’d always told me and my brothers, ‘Boys, when I go, I’m gonna be makin’ love to your mother,'" he wrote.

"And that’s what happened. He had a heart attack when he climaxed," he continued.

That's not even the weirdest part.

His mom, Kay, insisted that paramedics take Jim out of the house completely naked in order to "share his gift with the world."

7. Justin Bieber enraged fans by hoping Anne Frank "would have been a belieber."

When Bieber visited the Anne Frank house, he signed the guestbook with this controversial message: "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

8. Kesha had sexy time with a ghost.

Yep, you read that right. It's even what inspired her song, "Supernatural"!

“It’s about experiences with the supernatural... but in a sexy way,” she told Ryan Seacrest. “I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.”

9. Nick Carter filed a restraining order against his brother, Aaron Carter.

This came after Aaron made confessions about wanting to kill Nick's pregnant wife and unborn child.

After being served, Aaron released several angry tweets online.

10. Reese Witherspoon was arrested.

The world was shocked when the Legally Blonde star was arrested for disorderly conduct after disobeying orders from a police officer. It just seemed so unlike her.

Meanwhile, her husband, Jim Toth, was arrested for a DUI.

11. Taylor Swift keeps a framed photo of Kanye West in her home.

Given their rocky history, this one is exceptionally weird.

The framed photo of Kanye West interrupting her onstage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards was spotted by a Vanity Fair journalist at her Nashville penthouse.

Maybe she wants to be reminded of how far she's come?

12. Bette Midler named a chicken Kim Kardashian.

The Hocus Pocus star has never been shy to admit that she's not the reality star's biggest fan.

When Kim shared a naked selfie in 2016, Midler posted this tweet.

Things got really interesting in their feud when Bette shared with reporters at the New York Restoration Project's Spring Picnic that she named chickens after the Kardashian sisters.

She then broke the tragic news that the chicken, Kim, died of a yeast infection...

13. Lindsay Lohan's new accent.

The Mean Girls star has done a lot of strange things over the years.

But it was her sudden accent that really took the cake. No one knew where it came from, or more importantly, why she suddenly had it.

14. Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina steaming.

The craziness with the star just doesn't stop. On her Goop website, she recommended women shell out $50 for a vagina steam.

"You sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al," she wrote.

15. Bryan Cranston was once the suspect in a murder investigation.

While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he shared that he and his brother used to joke about killing the chef at the restaurant they worked at.

It was all fun and games until the chef turned up dead...

16. Ariana Grande was filmed licking donuts.

She and her ex-boyfriend were filmed doing this unspeakable act when the shop worker left the room.

She also made some mean comments about Americans. "What the [expletive] is that? I hate Americans. I hate America," she said.