15+ People Who Regret Meeting Their Celebrity Idols

You may have heard the saying, “Never meet your heroes."

This comes from fans who were disappointed after meeting their favorite celeb or public figure. Instead of being everything they hoped they'd be — nice and welcoming — they were rude and aloof.

Cue some dashed dreams.

With that being said, here are 10+ who regret meeting their celebrity faves.

This person who met Michael Jordan.

When this Reddit user's friend won a contest to go to the All-Star festivities, they were so excited to meet the basketball star.

Sadly, those dreams were squashed when Jordan apparently rejected an autograph and photo and didn't care whether the friend was a big fan or not.

This person who met Ed Sheeran.

This Reddit user's friend worked at Ed's record label.

"They had a long day of meetings and interviews where she was responsible to keep him happy. He was the biggest [expletive] and acted like he was better than anyone else."

This person who met Bill Nye.

Prepare for your childhood to be dashed. This Reddit user said that the famed scientist was a jerk to him at a USA Science & Engineering Festival.

He apparently rolled his eyes and was very snarky when he asked for an autograph.

This person who met Val Kilmer.

Val hating being Batman may have something to do with this Reddit user's bad reaction with the actor.

According to them, he was super rude to his friend while he was trying to ask Val a question during a Q&A.

This person who met Sophie Turner.

@Re_BirthofVenus had waited and waited to get Sophie's signature and wasn't about to walk away disappointed. But when the Wardeness of the North attempted to sign the poster, the pen wouldn't write.

They wound up scribbling so hard on the poster trying to make the pen work that it ripped the paper!

This person who met Emma Watson.

Let this be a lesson for anyone who enjoys collecting celebrity autographs — always have your book handy.

The last thing you want to hand your favorite celebrity to sign is a magazine article about constipation.

This person who met Gene Simmons.

"He told me my shirt was lame. Then I laughed bc I thought he was making a joke. He said stop laughing that wasn’t a joke and left." - Redditor The_Real_Raw_Gary

This person who met Neil Degrasse Tyson.

He "was a real [expletive] to the crowd when he spoke at Mississippi State University around 8 years ago. The talk was a bit condescending, and it ended in a Q&A where he told a person with a question about pluto to put their hand down in the most serious and offended voice ever." - Redditor mesoziocera

This person who met John Cusack.

While this Redditor didn't find John to be mean when they met him in person, they did find him incredibly boring.

"It's like all the personality he has in his movies is a ruse to cover the fact that he doesn't have one, and he's just kinda...meh," they wrote.

This person who met Conor McGregor.

"I had asked him for a picture, as silly 13 year old me would do. Told me to wait a minute and he promised he would, then saw him drive off blatantly ignoring me." - Redditor cduggan101

This person who met Danica McKellar.

Fans will most remember her as Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years.

This Redditor met her while on a cruise. After saying that she was great on the show, she reportedly rolled her eyes and turned her back to them.

This person who met Debbie Harry.

This is Blondie for those who don't recognize her real name.

When this Redditor took a picture of her in concert, she reportedly freaked out. "She just pushed the decibels up one level and just repeated, 'Give it to me! Give me the [expletive] film roll!" over and over."

This person who met David Spade.

Redditor Maddawg4prez wrote that they worked at a train park in Arizona when the actor and his child came in.

But since no one made a big fuss about who he is, he apparently got upset and said, "Don't you know who I am?"

This person who met Adam West.

"I met Adam West at a Comic-Con in Dallas. He just seemed really bored and over the whole event. He was just doodling in a book and wasn't acknowledging anyone." - Redditor AMA_About_Birdlaw

This person who met Owen Wilson.

"Owen Wilson was an [expletive] to me in my pedicab. Sucks because I was a huge fan of the movie he wrote. Kept asking me to go faster and the streets were blocked so I could not." - Redditor kingofspace

This person who met Robert Irvine.

This Redditor's brother's restaurant was apparently featured on Restaurant: Impossible.

"He was a [expletive] Not very nice to anyone. His staff and production people were awesome and very friendly, but him, not at all."

This person who met Conan O'Brien.

"Conan O'Brien mean mugged the [expletive] out of my whole class on our big class trip to New York. He later said on his show that tourists from Wisconsin are like wolves. Interesting joke." - Redditor Judoka229

This person who met Blake Lively.

We really wish this one isn't true! This Redditor wrote that their boyfriend met the celeb when he was doing rigging on movies.

Apparently, as soon as the cameras are off, she's rude to everyone and throws tantrums when she doesn't get her own way.

This person who met Demi Lovato.

Back when Demi was on X Factor, this Redditor and their friends went to see the show.

When they saw her pulling out of the studio driveway, their friend praised the star. To this, Demi apparently said, “get the [expletive] away from me" in a super rude manner.

This person who met Drake Bell.

I actually love this story; talk about a one-of-a-kind memento!

I bet that if this Twitter user ever happened to run into Drake Bell again, that he'd be able to place them immediately.

This person who met Taylor Hawkins.

This lucky fan had the opportunity to meet Foo Fighters' drummer Taylor Hawkins after the night the band played their historic gig at Wembley Stadium.

@MandyMarsden was so excited that they completely lost all ability to speak.

This person who met Rainn Wilson.

According to Twitter user @historyjacked, Rainn Wilson walked right in front of their car in downtown Toronto.

They were so surprised to see him that they accidentally hit the gas pedal and nearly ran Rainn over.

This person who met Cameron Diaz.

"I grew up with a poster of Cameron Diaz on my wall. Always thought she was the dopest. Then I met her and she was rude, stuck up, and made me get out of an elevator I was already in so she could ride it up alone." - Redditor complexwork

This person who met Jonah Hill.

This story absolutely shocks me because Jonah isn't exactly known for his warm and fuzzy reputation with fans.

I'm surprised that he didn't refuse outright and accuse the fan of trying to troll him. I guess they caught him on a good day.

This person who met Ricky Gervais.

A super fan of Ricky's was forced by a friend to go and ask for a photo.

When Ricky agreed, the fan was so overcome with emotion that they ran around the corner and began crying uncontrollably.

This person who met Pete Wentz.

This fan got a little too familiar with the bass player/frontman of the pop-punk band Fall Out Boy.

Apparently, when they went to put their arm around Pete for a picture, they accidentally grabbed his butt!

This person who met Gerard Way.

For those who didn't grow up in the '90s and early '00s, Gerard Way is best known as the lead singer for the emo band My Chemical Romance.

After a diehard fan fulfilled their lifelong dream of meeting their rock hero — they wound up walking straight into a plate glass window.

This person who met Wesley Snipes.

What kind of person asks Blade to take his sunglasses off?! He obviously didn't know who he was dealing with.

If I were @motivatorman I'd put this photo on my freaking resume — what an incredible bar story to be able to tell!

This person who met Diddy.

Sometimes, no matter how much you plan or rehearse, meeting your favorite celebrity has a way of taking your breath away.

This probably explains why the only thing that @ressiecups was able to say to Diddy backstage was "Hi. Why is it so hot out here?"

This person who met Prince William.

Supposedly, this Twitter user met Prince William in a nightclub. Only instead of saying "hello," they wound up telling the Prince "your grandma is on my money."

Not ideal, but it's a pretty hilarious panic statement to be certain.

This person who met Hayley Atwell.

I feel like this story is an allegory for my entire dating life throughout high school.

As someone who has spent his entire life embarrassing himself — I can relate.

This person's dad who met John Travolta.

"My dad was once kicked out of a restaurant because John Travolta wanted to eat there and made them clear the entire place out in the middle of everyone else's meals." - Redditor JuiceboxPrincess

This person who met Stephen Colbert.

Talk about a Colbert Bump! This story comes courtesy of an overly-excited fan who happened to catch a glimpse of Stephen out in the real world.

When they approached the Late Night host to say hello — they wound up walking face-first into a street sign.

This person who met Bella Thorne.

This Twitter user attempted to hit on Bella Thorne and it completely blew up in their face.

They started out by saying, “You’re pretty. Not saying that’s your first name, it’s obviously Bella, but if you wanna be named pretty I’ll call you pretty, Ms. Pretty Thorne.”

This person who met Chris Pratt.

@julezeverywhere did all they could to find common ground with Chris Pratt, and even wound up inventing an entire family just so they'd have something to relate back to Chris' family anecdote.

It's a lucky thing that Chris didn't invite you on a playdate, Julez!