10+ Adult Jokes From Nickelodeon Shows That Can Ruin Some Perspectives

The better part of my childhood was spent parked in front of the TV. From 4 PM on Friday evenings until 7 PM Sunday night — the television was my teacher, mother, and secret lover.

Recently, our old cartoon favorites have begun making a resurgence, and it's forced me to take notice of a few things. Have a look and check out these 10+ adult jokes from Nickelodeon shows that can ruin some perspectives.

When *SpongeBob SquarePants* tells Gary be careful to not drop the soap.

This is an outdated and borderline homophobic joke that alludes to men showering together in prison.

The 'joke' is that bending over to pick up dropped soap could leave you exposed to unwanted attention from fellow inmates.

When Helga got way too personal during her admission of love on *Hey, Arnold!*.

I'm not even going to touch on the fact that Helga basically made Arnold into a false idol.

But writing poetry about how he makes your girlhood tremble? Isn't that a little graphic for pre-teens?

Construction workers in *Rocko's Modern Life* are reading dirty magazines.

This photo gives all new meaning to the phrase "hard at work."

They even went so far as to show him 'pulling the lever,' in case anyone happened to miss the subtlety.

The not-so-subtle sexual innuendo in *Doug*.

It's no secret that Doug has the hots for Patti, but they didn't have to go about it in such a gross way.

During the science fair, as soon as Patti walks over to Doug, his 'volcano' starts erupting.

One of the gang's favorite past times on *Rocko's Modern Life* was a game called Spank The Monkey.

Nothing inappropriate going on here. Just a turtle and a cow using ping pong paddles to spank the rump of a plastic monkey.

It's not at all an obvious euphemism for masturbation — get your mind out of the gutter!

Jade's subtle comment about her boobs didn't go unnoticed in *Victorious*.

One of Jade's classmates asks how a person could manage to go from an A to a D (referring to grades).

To which Jade replied, "it happened to me in 8th grade."

When Rocko worked as a phone-sex operator on *Rocko's Modern Life*.

The scene begins when Rocko answers an ad in the paper looking for a specialty phone operator.

Shortly thereafter, Rocko begins awkwardly repeating "Oh baby, oh baby," into the telephone to Mrs. Bighead.

Grandpa Lou from *Rugrats* was watching porn.

While babysitting Chuckie and Tommy, Grandpa Lou produces a videotape titled Lonely Space Vixens to watch after the kids go to bed.

He also mentions that it's his personal favorite. So not only does that mean that Grandpa has a space-fetish, but that he also frequently rents adult films!

The Chokey-Chicken Restaurant in *Rocko's Modern Life*.

This is just icky and I'm beginning to feel dirty having to keep on explaining all of this gross humor.

Chokey-Chicken is derived from the term 'choking the chicken,' which is a euphemism for, well... you know...

That one episode of *Rugrats* called "Cradle Attraction."

It was pretty much a shot-for-shot G-rated remake of Fatal Attraction. What's worse is that I didn't find out until almost 20 years later.

Why do series try to inject humor that their target audience won't appreciate or find funny at all?

The fact that Freddys apartment number on *iCarly* is pretty much shaped like a penis.

An 8 = D is pretty much the universal text code for penis.

I'm not going to get into the nitty-gritty details but I'm fairly confident that if you use your imagination, the image will start to form.

When *SpongeBob SquarePants* was innocently watching porn.

Sure, a dancing sea cucumber might not look like much to you and me.

But given SpongeBob's haste at changing the channel and the look of embarrassment spreading across his porous face — I think it goes without saying it was something salacious.

"Nifty Shades Of Beige" in *iCarly*.

The look of shock and dismay on Guppy's face is more than understandable — he's only 8-years-old after all.

Maybe trying to slide in a BDSM/rape joke in a kids' series wasn't the best idea?

Timing is everything in *Hey, Arnold!*.

The sign on its own isn't very worrisome. And had Grandpa just been standing beside Arnold with an empty fence at his back, no one would have said a thing.

But you put the two of them together, and it's a recipe for trouble.

Helga's mother on *Hey, Arnold!* had a drinking problem.

Helga's mother was constantly making smoothies, slurring her words, and falling asleep at random times and places.

She was also always doing some form of community service — could it have been for a DUI?!