Every Worst Moment On 'Friends' Fans Can't Ignore

First, let me preface this by saying that I love Friends. It's one of my favorite TV shows and I consider it to be the defining sitcom of the '90s.

That being said, there's no denying that there are aspects of the series that haven't aged particularly well. See what I mean and check out every worst moment on Friends that fans can't ignore.

The time that Ross tried to kiss his own cousin.


I don't care how much time or distance separates you — family is family.

The only thing creepier than Ross' incredibly forward advance was his rationale behind it: "I haven't had sex in a very long time."

Ross completely abandoning his fatherly responsibilities.


Ross is such a deadbeat dad that he didn't even bother to extend his own son an invitation to his wedding.

Once Emma was born, Ben became all but forgotten in his father's eyes.

The complete and total lack of diversity.


It's pretty sad when you think that it took nine years for a Black character to make their way into the lives of the Central Perk Six.

Sadly, Charlie was gone almost as suddenly as she arrived.

Ross is actually a possessive jerk.


There are numerous examples of this toxic behavior, but none better than when Ross becomes jealous of Rachel's co-worker, Mark.

He sends flowers, chocolates, giant cards; everything under the sun to make it be known that Rachel is his and no one else's.

The fact that Joey is pretty sexist.

Do you remember the requirements for Joey's roommate ad that he put in the paper? "Wanted: female roommate. Non-smoker; non-ugly."

These types of jokes may have been commonplace in the '90s, but nowadays they stick out like a sore thumb.

The depiction of Chandler's father.


Often, TV shows masquerade under the guise of progressiveness when really all they're looking to do is perpetuate and reinforce negative stereotypes about marginalized people.

Charles Bing is one such character that does precisely that.

Chandler's blatant homophobia.

I suppose it's understandable on some level that Chandler would struggle — especially considering the numerous sexual debacles he was subjected to via his parents.

That being said, Chandler can't even hug another man without making an ill-conceived joke. He has serious issues on the subject and would do well to speak with a therapist.

Joey's constant womanizing.


I love Joey saying "How you doin'?" as much as the next person, but in the very early seasons — Joey was a dog.

He'd constantly mistreat women, often having multiple sexual partners at one time. I sure hope he used protection.

Rachel throwing away her dream for a deadbeat loser like Ross.


Are you freaking kidding me, Rach? You had your dream job served to you on a silver platter with red wine and cheese and you throw it all away for Ross?

And what kind of terrible excuse is "I can't leave Ben." We hadn't seen Ben for nearly two seasons up until that point!

Monica's cornrows.


Addressing the issue of cultural appropriation right away — don't get cornrows white people. Unless you're fighting in the UFC, there's literally no reason why you should be wearing your hair that way.

Chandler's reaction is also a little offensive, to say the least.

Ross' issues with the male nanny.


Ross was determined that Sandy was either some twisted pervert or that he had to be gay. The idea that a straight man would willingly want to take care of a child seemed absolutely alien to him.

For such an educated person, Ross is kind of a caveman.

All the times that Susan and Carol's partnership was used as the butt of a joke.


Re-watch old episodes of friends and try to take notice of how many times the phrase "lesbian life-partner" triggers the laughing track.

Lesbianism isn't celebrated on this show, it's openly mocked.

When Joey and Chandler freaked out over Carol breastfeeding in public.


The treatment of breastfeeding as a whole is a titch archaic. Joey and Chandler become so disgusted by the act that they are literally forced to leave the room.

And do you remember the time that Ross nearly threw up when Phoebe licked a small amount of breast milk from her arm?

Every single 'Fat Monica' joke.


Monica's struggles with weight were one of the most enduring gags of the entire series. They portray her as an obese monster, undeserving of love.

It's despicable behavior and body shaming at its absolute finest.

How Ross and Joey seem to blur the lines of consent.


Joey and Ross were so eager to hang out with Janine and her drunk model friends because they thought it would heighten their chances of hooking up.

In 2021, we call that "date rape" and it's not a joke.