10+ Major Flaws In 'Friends' Fans Love Ignoring

Friends is one of the most beloved shows of all time.

No one can deny that, but no one can deny that it didn't have its flaws, either.

From stereotypes to fat-shaming to a serious lack of diversity, there was a lot we all ignored in the midst of our laughter.

Here are 10+ major flaws in Friends that fans love ignoring.

1. They're all co-dependant on each other.


The show is about friends, and yet, they don't seem to have any friends outside of their core group.

This makes it highly unrealistic whenever they host a party and have so many people there.

2. The lack of diversity.

With an all-white cast, the show has received lots of criticism in recent years. Even the co-creator, Marta Kauffman, has expressed regrets about the lack of diversity.

"I wish I knew then what I know today," she said tearfully, according to Page Six.

3. The sterotypes.


Each of the characters fit the mold of a negative stereotype or two.

Monica was the type A clean freak, Ross was the nerd, Rachel was the spoiled daddy's girl, Joey was the Italian womanizer, and Phoebe was the quirky hippie.

4. Monica's apartment number.

This was yet another example of the show's inconsistency.

The number was changed from five to 20 since it didn't make sense that her number was so low when there are more than two apartments on each floor.

5. Phoebe's Greenwich Village apartment.

Unless she's a masseuse for the stars, how can she afford to live in such an expensive New York City area?

She also finds herself unemployed a few times throughout the series, which would add more financial strain.

6. The disappearance of Phoebe's parents.


A major storyline on the show is how Phoebe doesn't know her real parents. So it makes no sense, then, that once we meet them in season five, we never hear of them again.

Wouldn't they now be a major part of her life?

7. Rachel being pregnant for over a year.


Poor girl.

We first discover that Rachel is pregnant on May 15th at Monica and Chandler's wedding. And since we learn that she and Ross slept together a month earlier via their tape, this would put her due date somewhere around January.

And yet, the inconsistencies continue.

In season eight, episode nine, "The One With the Rumor," she is supposed to be seven months pregnant but doesn't look it at all.

And then right before she gives birth, she complains about the summer heat. But, girl, that thing should have popped by then!

8. Ben's disappearance.


Ben is the son that Ross had with his ex-wife, Carol. Or, at least he was, as we hardly see him after Ross has a baby with Rachel.

His name isn't even mentioned during the last few seasons!

9. Joey's treatment of women.

For a man who grew up with so many women, he sure didn't act like it. The objectifying things Joey said about women deserved a slap in the face, not a number.

Take the time he wrote "non-smoker, non-ugly," on his ad to find a female roommate.

10. Monica and Ross's close relationship.


These two were way too close for comfort. They talked about sex with each other and Monica was even so excited to watch Ross and Rachel's sex tape.

Let's also not forget that Ross was Monica's first kiss. So weird.

11. Ross's hot and cold relationship with ice cream.

In season seven, episode eight, "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs," Ross reveals something shocking: he doesn't like ice cream.

"It's too cold!" he said. "It hurts my teeth." But in a previous season six episode, he was shown eating ice cream with his then-girlfriend Elizabeth.

12. Their lack of being 20-somethings.


We don't know about you, but your twenties are a time to let loose and have fun. And yet, the Friends cast were all pretty tame for their alleged age.

They hardly partied or drank. Maybe Fun Bobby scarred them?

13. Their unrealistic financial situations.


Phoebe wasn't the only one to be living beyond her means.

Before Rachel moved in, Monica had been living alone in her enormous East Village apartment by herself. And she did it on a cook salary!

When Rachel moves in, she somehow makes rent despite working as a waitress.

14. The fat-shaming of Monica.

All bodies are beautiful, but the Friends characters didn't seem to think so.

Monica's friends were constantly making fun of the fact that she used to be overweight. That time was also portrayed as the worst time in her life.

In the episode, "The One With The Prom Video," Joey openly insulted her by saying, "Some girl ate Monica!"

Chandler also made a comment about a lot of cameras being on her and adding weight.

Talk about being completely rude!

15. Ross's sexism.

Ugh, this one is a major bummer.

Ross showcased his delicate masculinity several times throughout the series, like when he tried to stop his son, Ben, from playing with Barbie dolls.

He also got the male nanny fired since he was uncomfortable with a sensitive man.

16. The transphobia towards Chandler's dad.


Chandler being ashamed of his father's sexuality was a punchline from start to finish.

This made his dad's character seem more like something to laugh at rather than being a real human being with thoughts and feelings.

17. Even. More. Inconsistencies.

It's a good thing this show is so beloved since they made a lot of errors.

There was everyone forgetting that Chandler and Rachel met before, Ross forgetting that he told his sister about losing his virginity, and so much more.