Little Girl Uses Tooth Fairy Money To Make 'Little Bags Of Love' For The Homeless

When many children begin losing their baby teeth, they look forward to getting money from the Tooth Fairy and dreaming what they will buy with their newfound cash.

However, one little girl decided to use her Tooth Fairy money to benefit others rather than just herself. At such a young age, she's already become a role model to people of all ages.

This youngster saw an opportunity to make a change.

As Times Now News reported, five-year-old Amaya Thompson is wise and ambitious beyond her years.

While at her home Hertfordshire, UK, Thompson lost two of her teeth. She promptly announced to her mother that she wanted to give her Tooth Fairy money towards a good cause.

Thompson is taking the world by storm.

After the young girl told her mom about her mission to help others, the Tooth Fairy decided to giver her a whopping £50.

Thompson kept £10 for herself, and then used the remaining £40 of her tooth money to make goody bags for homeless communities.

Her goody bags are definitely made with love.

Thompson thought about how homeless people may be in need of some important resources and decided to hand out what she calls her "little bags of love."

Each goody bag includes a heartfelt letter, some food, a toothbrush, dry shampoo, deodorant, and facial wipes.

With her £40, Thompson was able to make about 20 bags, but when people heard about her mission, they wanted to help deliver more love to those in need.

Thompson's vision is expanding.

Thompson's work has made both national and international news and people have been rallying to support her. From local community members to celebrities like the music group Little Mix, people want to help raise even more money to support the homeless.

The latest crowdfunding goal has been to raise £2,000, as of writing that goal has been met and now exceeded.

We have no doubt that with the young yet strong leadership set by Thompson, more social change is on the way. Let us know what you think of this heartwarming story in the comments.

h/t: Times Now News