Vice Principal Writes Letter To Tooth Fairy On Behalf Of Very Concerned Student

Many children believe in the magic of the Tooth Fairy and look forward to a special reward after they put their baby teeth under their pillows. However, that mission is bit more complicated when the tooth goes missing.

When a little boy's tooth fell out and he needed an emergency letter for the Tooth Fairy, his vice principal stepped in and went above and beyond what most educators, let alone adults, would do.

It all began during an ordinary day of school.

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As PopSugar reported, Gavin, a 5-year-old student at Hart Elementary School in Prince George, British Columbia, lost his tooth in the classroom one day.

He tried to find it to give the Tooth Fairy, but it couldn't be located anywhere. Feeling distraught, Gavin asked the vice principal for a special favor.

This VP decided to craft a letter to the Tooth Fairy herself to vouch for Gavin's missing tooth.

Vice Principal Shandee Whitehead could have just brushed off Gavin's concerns, or maybe even told him that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist, but instead she decided to support his goals.

So, she wrote a formal letter to the tooth fair on Gavin's behalf and assured him that everything would be okay.

The Tooth Fairy got the letter.

After carefully verifying in her letter that Gavin did indeed have a gap in his teeth and that his story checks out, Vice Principal Whitehead posted it on Twitter.

Not only did the post pick up a ton of supporters and likes, things really did work out for Gavin. In an interview with CBC Radio, he revealed that he woke up to a "silver and gold" coin (a Candian $2 toonie) under his pillow soon after the letter was sent!

The VP's tweet eventually caught the attention of the Tooth Fairy's official team on Twitter.

The account Special Fairy Letters replied to Shandee's original post to thank her for making them aware of Gavin's predicament.

"You will be pleased to hear, with the help of the TRT (Tooth Recovery Team), the tooth was located," they continued. "A letter is on its way to Gavin, along with a little gift for you."

h/t: PopSugar