10+ Dads Who Just Completely Dropped The Ball

No parent is 100% perfect. We all have our moments and days where we totally drop the ball. But, luckily, our better halves are there to share our parenting fails with the rest of the world.

This dad who sent his daughter to school in underwear.

Instagram l @averageparentproblems

Never believe your toddler when she says that her training underwear are "shorts."

This dad who couldn't figure out Siri.

Instagram l @punkcas

Clearly, he needs a lesson or two on how to use Siri and voice text.

This dad who left his inappropriate souvenir in arms's reach.

Uh-oh... that's definitely something you don't want your kid playing with!

This dad who thought his son's "baggy pants" would stay on.

Instagram l @hippiecpa

OOPS! Caught with his pants down and in public nonetheless!

This dad who didn't realize his daughter was getting dirty on their bike ride.

Instagram l @douglas_hughmanick

It was "pitch black" during their bike ride, but in the back his daughter was covered in mud.

This dad who thought he could trust his toddler alone.

Instagram l @robopopz1325

Clearly, leaving yogurt and a toddler unsupervised is a no-no.

This dad who clearly didn't put this together well.

Instagram l @tshel81

Dad didn't read the directions properly because this didn't stay together well.

This dad who didn't watch his kids very well.

Instagram l @tiki473

His daughter is in the middle of putting his other daughter in the dog crate, oops.

This dad who made a huge mistake.

Instagram l @andreawarriorwoman

He accidentally put the dog poop in an M&M bag and the kids thought that it was... M&Ms.

This dad who clearly doesn't understand sizes.

Instagram l @roneyester

Dad, I think these PJs are a little too small.

This dad who tried his best.

Instagram l @lucmoorey

He tried his best to get that baby carrier right but it seems they just... slipped right through.

This dad who botched this haircut.

Instagram l @t_sparks

Oh no, no, no, that is not the way we wanted to cut his hair!

This dad who should have checked his daughter's cake when buying it.


Her name is Lily, not Billy.

This dad who put his kid's shoes on wrong.

Instagram l @tabpez

Clearly, those do not go on those feet, pop.

This dad who let go too soon.

Instagram l @meganjbehrends

Caught on camera doing his first awkward-sliding.

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