13+ Moms Who Totally Missed The Ball

Some moms totally fail and miss the ball so hard, we can't help but share the embarrassment with strangers online. We may be embarrassed, but we want to bask in the glory of laughing at our awkward parents with the whole world.

This mom who doesn't understand certain phrasing.


"Bust a nut" is definitely not what his mom thinks it means. In fact, she'll probably be super embarrassed when she finds out.

This mom who couldn't understand technology.

Twitter | @hannahhallen0

Trying to show her daughter that her phone screen was cracked, she thought taking a screenshot would do the trick. Nope.

This mom who doesn't even understand how to screenshot.


Instead of taking a screenshot of her iPad, her mom decided to photocopy the entire iPad because that's equally as easy.

This mom who thought she had to explain emojis.

Instagram l @keralajane

Clearly, this mom didn't understand that emojis are meant to be used without texts with words, too.

This mom who accidentally packed alcohol in her daughter's lunch.

Twitter | @KenzieeStrangee

Thinking it was an energy drink or a tea, one mom packed a Four Loko in her daughter's lunch. Hint, it's alcohol.

This mom who took things too literally.

Twitter | @SortaBad

One mom wanted to understand slang, and decided to use it on an everyday basis (even when describing flowers).

This mom who used her son's mugshot for the Christmas card.

Twitter | @TheMartinShow_

Sure, it may look like a good picture, but we all know that's a mug shot and that orange jumpsuit is not Christmas friendly.

This mom who made an awkward mistake.

Twitter | @maryelise

Thinking it was an inappropriate toy, the mystery item happened to be a makeup sponge.

Also, this mom who thought these were condoms.

Twitter | @asos_assyla

Clearly, these are hand wipes, as everyone knows Purell is the hand sanitizer of champions.

This mom who left something in the background of her photo.


Mom, I could care less about what face wipes you use and more about why the heck you have.... that in the background.

This mom who missed the true meaning of the word entirely.

Twitter | @UncensoredMoms

Yes mom, roadhead is bedhead from sleeping in the car. Let's keep it at that for you.

This mom who forgot the day she gave birth.

Twitter | @breanna_lee22

Some moms are so busy and scatterbrained, she forgot the day she gave birth to her daughter. Oops!

This mom who doesn't know her right from her left.

Twitter | mksuess

Remember, mom, the left hand makes the L shape with your index finger and your thumb!

This mom who took things a little too far.

Twitter l @cactusbitchh

I'm pretty sure God's okay with your eating fruit.

This mom who thought this was good for her dog.

Twitter l @valbrule

I mean... it's equal to walking the dog, right?

This mom who got really dirty by accident.

Twitter l @itsmeemily17

No mom, just... no.

This mom who thought she could wash the dog's bed in the washing machine.

Instagram l @angie.mar.keaton

Definitely not the best idea she's ever had.

This mom who thought she could pick the label off her glasses.

Twitter l @mel_harlock

That IS what you paid for.

This mom who thought super glue would keep patches on.

Instagram l @dhsok68

Clearly, that didn't work out very well.

This mom who doesn't know how to use technology.

Twitter l @AngelaBerglund_

Clearly, that's a note, mom — not a text.

This mom who tried so hard to use "slang."

Twitter l @katiekep_

Oh, lord.

This mom who got caught parenting a deer.


There's nothing like catching your mom screaming at a deer the way she screams at you when you get caught missing curfew.

This mom who made these cookies that look a bit NSFW.

Twitter | @jaberuski

Hopefully, the birthday party doesn't have many people with dirty minds because these are definitely not 1's.