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12+ Dads Who Tried Their Best But Failed Anyways

Dads can get a bad rap sometimes. I mean, it's hard being a dad because you constantly compare yourself to your wife who seems to do everything perfectly. So my heart really goes out to those dads that seem to always try their best but end up failing miserably anyway.

These #DadFails go to show us that sometimes dads really do need a break.

1. When Tooth Fairy Forgets

This is what happens when you leave the tooth fairy duties up to the dad. Hopefully, next time he won't have to get a reminder.

2. When You Try To Do Your Daughter's Hair

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How hard could it be, right? Well, apparently it takes more skill than just tossing a bunch of ribbons on top.

3. When You're Too Tired To Put Pants On Correctly

Instagram | @notjusta_

We all get so tired sometimes that we can't think straight. So let's excuse this dad for dressing his kid in backward pants, okay?

4. When You're A Poser

Dads, let this be a warning to you. Take more care when handling your baby around animals than you do posing for that perfect picture.

5. When Dad Makes Dinner

So you're busy putting your baby to sleep while your husband insists on making dinner only to come downstairs to a house full of smoke.

6. When Baby Clothes Are Too Complicated

I think there's some kind of confusion when it comes to men and baby onesies. Somehow, they can never figure them out properly.

7. When Cooking Goes Wrong

So just to be clear, make sure you don't burn your baby's best sleep sack if you want your wife to keep speaking to you.

8. Oh no!

This little nugget who was supposed to take a safe ride in dad's arms ended up going down the slide all by herself. Oops, caught on camera!

9. When You Miss Your Puppy

Leave it to dad to entertain the kids while the mom and the dog are away only to find this pitiful situation.

10. When You're Taking Baby Steps

It's always fun to see your kid take their first steps. Just make sure you're paying full attention and supervise them carefully.

11. When The Baby Carrier Hates You

So you thought baby onesies were total jerks only to be faced with a new challenge. Dad: 0, Baby Carrier: 1. Ha ha!

12. As Long As The Baby's Swaddled

That's all that matters!

13. Oh no...laf

Instagram | @jwinner19762019

This dad tried to make Olaf for his child.

I mean, you be the judge.

14. Trying To Understand Baby Fashion

Facebook | Brooke Hawley Basso

This dad had no idea that babies are supposed to wear a shirt under their overalls. Is this a fashion fail or a dad fail?

15. Letting Your Kids Cook Is Always A Disaster

No matter how convincing your kid is, never, ever let them cook. Not even mac and cheese, and especially not in the microwave!

16. Arts And Crafts Are... Fun?

They are also very, very messy. Case in point here. Hopefully, this baby didn't eat too much paint. Yikes.

17. Baby Fashion Is Hard

Seriously, don't even try. Half of the stuff doesn't fit them properly and ends up temporarily blinding them. Just look at this useless bow.

18. When Dad KNOWS He Needs The Heavy-Duty Tools

Um, I think a regular screwdriver or Allen key would work. No? Okay then...

19. For The Last Time, Markers And Babies Don't Mix

Just get rid of all the markers in your home right now. Babies have an innate urge to doodle on themselves no matter what.

20. The Cutest #DadFail Ever

I feel bad that this sweater shrunk to the size of doll's clothing, but it is pretty adorable. Admit it.

21. Using That Baby Bum As A Mousepad


C'mon, Dad. This is not what babies were designed for...

Although, maybe he's on to something.

22. Beware The Yogurt

Yogurt, especially the kind in the squeeze tubes, is guaranteed to go all over your baby or toddler. Why does this food even exist?

Ha, ha, ha, these #DadFails are so hilarious.

They are a constant supply of daily giggles I just can't get enough of. What was your biggest dad fail?

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