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These Lace Shorts Are A Summer Must-Have For Men

Summer is just around the corner and now is the time to examine some fashion trends that are about to hit the streets. And this year seems to be even more outrageous than ever especially when it comes to men's fashion.

Enter the lace shorts. You heard me right, lace shorts... for men. You absolutely have to check them out.

So, lace as a fabric has been mostly associated with women's clothing because of its feminine accents such as flowery patterns, and all the pretty, intricate and soft details.

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It's a popular choice for wedding dresses, especially.

As fashion moves forward and boundaries get pushed even further with every passing year, there seem to be more and more trends that break all the rules.

It's fashion — don't question it.

And apparently, this year, lace of all the materials is making its way into men's fashion in what I can say is the most unusual way.

Prepare to see lace turned into summer shorts.

There's an L.A.-based company called Hologram City that is already making waves with outrageous men's fashions.

Their outfits are usually aimed at those looking for exciting "party wear".

And this year they're introducing us to their most interesting fashion statement, the lace shorts for men.

Wowza, I've never thought I would actually say that out loud.

Now to give you the right visual here's what they have in mind.

These pastel-colored men's shorts come with see-through lace overlay and in a variety of colors.

And if you haven't seen enough here's a detailed view of the whole product.

Hologram City

So for a cool $42 you can have the lace shorts of your dreams.

Now you can be just a cool as these guys.

Ha, ha, ha! I dunno maybe this trend can only fly in L.A. Could you see yourself wearing these?

And if that wasn't enough for you, for an additional $42 you can also get yourself a matching lace shirt.

What? OMG, I've never seen anything quite like this.

One thing's for sure, with this crazy fashion trend this company is getting some attention and I bet that's exactly what they were looking for.

Ha, ha, ha!

Someone even created this lace shorts meme to show them how much they enjoy their idea.

Wow, that's some creativity displayed here. Am I right? This is hilarious.

How would you like to hang with this crew? Huh?

I wonder if any of the boy bands would have jumped on this lace shorts and matching shirts bandwagon?

Even "In The Know" is calling this a new trend to beat.

I wonder if this will make it out of L.A. and into other cities in the world?

So how do you like 'em apples?

I mean, how do you like them lace shorts for men? Is this the most outrageous men's fashion you've seen? Let's chat.

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