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Crochet Onesies For Men Will Definitely Make A Fashion Statement

Just when I thought men's fashion couldn't get any more ridiculous it actually does. I recently wrote about the crazy and outrageous trend spotted in LA with lace shorts for men and then I discover this.

This Etsy shop is making crochet onesies for men and you absolutely must see this for yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you though.

I was never all that well versed in crochet.

I always dabbled in it but I could never really make anything worthwhile. So I definitely admire those who can.

I remember getting scarfs, hats, and gloves made by my relatives who were much better at crochet than I could ever be.

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And I still even have some of them.

So I'm definitely a fan of crochet.

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But I have to admit when I saw this latest trend in men's fashion I was baffled. I mean see for yourself.

OMG, are you serious?

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Ha, ha, ha! This is quite the onesie. Isn't it? And the fact that its crochet is even crazier. I dunno what to say.

I'm not too sure I'm really in to this onesie trend, to be honest.

I mean I pee a lot, so this would be tricky to get in and out of.

This onesie is described as super comfortable and made with soft acrylic yarn.

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It is definitely one of a kind, handcrafted and produced 100% in the USA. It's about $300.

Maybe they've been inspired by the recent success of the show "Chernobyl" and went for this weird and a bit industrial vibe with these crochet onesies?

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What do ya think?

And there's this more fun version of the outfit.

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I have to say I do like the details on this onesie. It looks very well made and quite creative.

This light and fluffy onesie with a hood is one size.

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And it's probably best on a larger person, but should fit someone who's 5 ft 9 and 130 lbs.

Looks like they didn't spare any squares.

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The onesie looks just as good from the front as it does in the back. And the hoodie is a nice touch.

I'm not really sure where you might be able to wear this outfit.

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Perhaps this will be the new trend at next year's Coachella Festival. What do you say?

Apparently, this funky onesie is perfect for dancing as described by the Etsy designer and seller Schuyler Ellers.

I have to admit, it does look fun to me.

And here's another version of his onesie for men.

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This one is a shorter version and perhaps less elaborate but nonetheless just as much fun as the other ones.

Wow, I have to give some props to this guy for his creativity.

He's discovered quite a niche for himself and looks like some people are really digging it.