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Story About Mother-In-Law Wearing A Wedding Dress To A Wedding Is Every Bride's Nightmare

Weddings take a lot of planning and preparation for sometimes years leading up to the special day. For brides, making sure every element and aspect of their wedding is perfect takes a lot of hard work. Many stress for months before the day comes—triple checking with their friends and family that everything will go according to plan.

Every bride knows that outfits are important.

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From choosing the bridesmaids dressing to a bride's own gown, many wedding day looks are important. Let's face it — a picture is worth 1,000 words and if your wedding pictures aren't perfect, some brides are simply unsatisfied.

That's why most immediate family members check with the bride before buying a dress.

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Because photos and color schemes are so important to many brides, immediate family members who will be in the majority of the photos tend to check with the bride before selecting a dress.

Most people know to avoid white altogether.

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Seeing as white is the color a bride usually wears at her wedding, mothers, friends, and other guests usually avoid the color altogether—making sure no one outshines the bride on her day.

However, there are always those who forgo the standard, unspoken rules and cause a scene.

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No matter how many times you think people understand, it turns out there are those who don't think when getting a dress for a wedding that is not their own.

Recently, one Twitter user shared the ridiculous story of her now mother-in-law showing up to her wedding in, well, a wedding dress.

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As if seeing a regular wedding guest show up in white is bad enough, romance author Amy Pennza shared the story of how her own mother-in-law showed up wearing an actual wedding dress to her and her son's wedding.

Pennza shared a photo from the wedding, proving that her mother-in-law indeed showed up in an actual wedding dress.

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The photo shows Pennza and her mother-in-law standing face-to-face in full on, almost matching gowns. Except, of course, her mother-in-law's had straps. Either way, a total slap in the face to the bride if you ask me.

People online were floored.

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People also were angry that Pennza had left them hanging with little to no details about what happened following this debacle. Sure, the photo was wild within itself. But, what happened after?

Seriously people were dying to find out what happened next.

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Dozens of people online were begging Amy to finish the story and explain what she said to her mother-in-law and how she handled the situation. The photos of their wedding had to be quite awkward.

Pennza followed up with some information to try and help people understand.

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Pennza and her husband are still together and they have four children—who all happen to be on summer break right now so she was a bit overwhelmed and couldn't respond to everyone right away.

Pennza said she didn't ask her MIL what she was wearing to the wedding—which was stupid on her end.

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The morning of the wedding was like any other wedding—busy and chaotic. She hadn't seen her MIL yet and was busy getting ready with her bridal party at the church.

But, she saw her MIL in white and was... confused.

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Obviously, she was confused. She said that her wedding day was so busy that she hardly had time to deal with it. And, her sister and bridesmaids tried to avoid the topic altogether.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

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At the end of the night, Amy didn't hurt her MIL—which is a total win, as most brides would throw down immediately. But, many were still wondering why she would wear white at all.

Pennza explained her MIL is quite frugal.

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Pennza explained her mother came from a very poor family and her shopping, spending, and living habits stem from years of living in poverty. She frequently finds ways to cut corners and save money.

Pennza was very understanding of how her MIL had grown up.

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It's really common for adults who grew up in extreme poverty to be almost ridiculously frugal out of fear of losing it all again.

Pennza wanted to be clear that this wasn't an 'evil mother-in-law' situation.

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Though there are a TON of those kinds of stories on the Internet. Reddit's Just No, MIL subreddit is updated daily with tons of horror stories about terrible mothers-in-law.

Pennza went on to explain that her MIL is just incredibly into a good bargain.

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We all have people we know who are ridiculously thrifty, and as Pennza went on to share some examples from her mother-in-law, I definitely could see some of my friends doing the exact same things.

Like this frugal salad recipe.

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This might add a little unexpected flavor to the salads. I don't know if that would be good or bad, but it might happen.

I confess to having done this one.

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In my defense, I usually saved them for my cat, not for another human being, but to each their own. That's cold cuts you won't have to buy another time.

So, when she found this dress on sale, she couldn't resist buying it at such a bargain.

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Clearly, years later, she realizes the mistake. But, at the time, she couldn't resist spending such little money on such a gorgeous dress for an incredible night. And, it really was just one night.

Pennza added although she may be frugal, she's the most generous woman in the world.

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From bringing over bargain bought items for her children, or helping feed and babysit no matter how far the drive is—her MIL is someone who gives her all for her family, which is more important than any dress mix up.

Pennza has a sense of humor about the situation.

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She knows this makes for a great story, so she's not too upset. Plus, she knows her mother-in-law wasn't being selfish or trying to steal attention — she was just trying to save some money.

And, don't worry, Pennza's MIL is happy to be so popular online.

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When Pennza told her about the tweet going viral, including the photo, instead of being offended her MIL replied: "Whatever makes me famous." Clearly, everyone in this family has a great attitude.

Pennza ended the story on a happy note.

Aww. Maybe the two wedding dresses brought double the luck for their marriage!

Regardless about how they felt on the day of, this is a fantastic story of a really memorable wedding.

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