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Brides Are Sharing Photos Of Their Stunning DIY Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress shopping can be so nerve-wracking. I haven't started this process yet and I'm already super nervous whether I'm going to find my perfect dress.

So how amazing would it be if I had some mad sewing skills that I can make my own wedding dress? Well, apparently some brides do and the results are nothing short of amazing.

1. Forest Goddess

How enchanting does this forest picture look? This dress reminds me of a fairy tale and I can't even believe the bride sewed it all by herself.

2. Vintage-Inspired

Wow, this dress looks just amazing. It was made from two other dresses including the bride's mom's old dress. I think it has that vintage-modern feel.

3. A Work Of Art

Check out the amazing details on this dress. I love the color infusion at the front. It definitely shows that it was made with love.

4. Flower Child

This is not a typical white wedding dress. I love how this bride decided to go for a flower pattern when she made this gorgeous piece.

5. Sexy Vibes

Can you believe this bride made her wedding dress using Victoria's Secret bodysuit and a skirt custom-made by her friend? They make it look so easy.

6. Back Details

Having a gorgeous back you can show off at your wedding is a dream of many brides. I think this bride definitely succeeded with this DIY dress.

7. Bohemian Bride

I've been checking out lots of cool dresses on Pinterest and I especially love the bohemian vibe. So how unique is this bohemian DIY dress? Simply stunning.

8. Tulle Love

Reddit | frondosonemus

This bride really wanted lots of volume in her dress so she ended up using six layers of tulle to make it happen. The result is gorgeous.

9. Corset Details

Reddit | scooder0419

Wow check out this really unique wedding gown. Usually, the corset is mostly hidden but here it's on full display. And I love the pretty blue hue.

10. Traditional Dress

Reddit | YalaStudio

This dress is definitely not your typical wedding dress but it is when you're from Africa. This handmade dress is now being exhibited at the Bristol Museum.

11. Short And Sweet

This super cute short wedding dress was inspired by another dress made by The House Of Mooshki. I think it turned out so fun and pretty.

12. Couture Ready

Doesn't this wedding dress look like it's straight from some fancy couture runway? Well, guess again. It was self-made with interesting fabrics and only cost $100. What?

13. Pretty In Lace

Reddit | soyweona

I'm loving the lace details on this two-piece home project wedding dress. It's so pretty and feminine. And this bride had very little sewing skills. Unbelievable!

All these DIY wedding dress projects turned out fantastic.

Now I feel a bit more reassured that the perfect dress is indeed out there for me to find. Whew!!!

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