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Woman Shares Genius Wedding Cake Hack From Costco That Budget Brides Will Want To Copy

If you have been planning a wedding recently you know how expensive every little detail can get. We're talking thousands of dollars here and that's no joke. So the last thing you want is to add more cost to it all with the wedding cake.

So this one couple decided enough was enough and they created their own wedding cake on a budget and you won't believe how.

What if I told you that you can get a decadent four-tiered, flower-adorned culinary masterpiece wedding cake for just about $50!

Say what? Yes, indeed you can. It's possible.

DIY Instagrammer Jessica, aka @cottagefarmhouse recently shared an awesome hack her brother and his wife used to create their dream wedding cake while sticking to their strict budget.

And it's from Costco of all places!

This amazing wedding cake was, get this, created with only two Costco cakes!!!

Shut the front door! But how is this even possible? Well, I'm about to tell you. Haha.

They cut the cakes, stacked them, re-iced with buttercream icing, and covered it with $10 Trader Joes flowers.

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Then they displayed it on a DIY stand built using stuff from Hobby Lobby. Wow!

And like I mentioned before this beautiful cake only cost them $50.

Imagine how much a cake designer would actually charge for something elaborate like this? I bet a lot.

Now if you think that this cake probably didn't taste as good as one from an actual bakery you'd be so wrong.

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Costco cakes are actually pretty delicious. Seriously!

So not only you're getting something that looks as fabulous as if it was made by a cake professional, but you're not sacrificing any of the delicious taste either.

Sounds like a win-win to me!

After Jessica posted the picture of the cake and the hack her Instagram comments feed literally blew up with comments.

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Everybody totally loved this wedding cake hack idea.

She even got contacted by several news and online magazines that heard about the story and wanted to cover it.

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Wow, amazing how news spreads so fast these days.

And then people started asking her to post step-by-step instructions on how it all came together on Pinterest.

Instagram | @cottagefarmhouse

She vowed to do so soon and I can't wait for it.

The picture got close to 2K likes on Instagram and I can definitely see why.

Instagram | @cottagefarmhouse

Something like this can be expected to cost way more than $50.

This Costco wedding cake hack is definitely worth looking into.

Even if you can't DIY one you can probably get one already made much cheaper there similar to this one.

Or you can just repurpose a much simpler Costco cake and make it your own with flower decorations and other special details in line with your wedding decor.

Love this cake idea!

You can also opt for something more basic instead of a tiered cake like this one, which I'm sure is going to save you a ton of money.

Gotta love a simple cake.

Wow, I'm seriously considering doing something like this Costco wedding cake DIY idea because this wedding stuff is so expensive.

And I ain't got the money for that!