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12+ Wedding Cake Designs That We Would Definitely Question Eating

Weddings and all the things that come with them can be so much fun to organize. There's decor, entertainment and of course, the food. And then there's the wedding cake.

I've seen some elaborate wedding cakes that take my breath away. But on the other hand, I've also seen some curious designs that didn't exactly translate well.

Here are some of those cakes that looked better on paper.

1. Spelling Nightmare

Perhaps it would be a good idea to check out some of the previous cakes your baker has made to make sure they know how to spell.

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2. Too Many Ideas

Can't decide on the type of cake you would like for your wedding? No problem. They'll just assemble them all in one giant mess. WTF!

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3. Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Such a shame that this cake ended up looking more like the leaning tower of Pisa because the details on it are just impeccable.

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4. I Didn't Do It

Never get caught in a room all by yourself with the wedding cake because if this happens you'll be the only one to blame. Yikes.

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5. Trust The Orthodontist

Apparently, this is what happens when you trust your orthodontist to make your wedding cake instead of a professional. Clearly, they should keep their day job.

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6. When You Have High Expectations

I don't blame you if you have high expectations for your wedding cake but make sure you don't attempt to make one yourself.

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7. I Can See The Resemblance

This cake looks great but I just don't know what happened to the figurines that were supposed to actually resemble the couple?

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8. Not As Expected

I can't imagine getting your heart set on something as pretty as the cake on the left and then get surprised by this total fiasco.

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9. Fighting For Love

Wow, this is exactly the kind of message you want to send on your wedding day. Maybe they were going for Mr. And Mrs. Smith vibe.

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10. Curious Design

I think they were going for some kind of fairy tale and enchanted forest design but unfortunately, this cake is sending me an entirely different message.

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11. Pink Mess

Apparently, this couple ordered a pink cake for their wedding day but I don't think they're happy with the mess they ended up with. Not that appetizing.

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12. It's All About The Bride

Some brides make the wedding day all about themselves but this bride took things to a whole new level. I'm scared for this groom.

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13. Odd Choice


I'm all about themed wedding cakes. And Star Wars fans definitely have some great taste, but this seems a bit odd for a wedding cake. No?

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14. Lots Of Protein


This cake is probably perfect for the goth couple in your life, or maybe for a wedding on Hallowe'en. I'd want someone to confirm everything was made out of cake before I took my first bite.

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15. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peeps


I don't know why putting the peeps on their heads makes this so concerning, but I guess they really are a couple of lovebirds.

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16. I Hope You Like Pink


This looks more like an old duvet from an eight year old girl's room than a wedding cake. I've got to say, the flowers are a nice touch. They almost distract you from all the pink.

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17. Don't Get Married During Shark Week


Yep. Little plastic sharks in your wedding cake. I think the bride and groom may have been thinking more Jaws, but they got more Sharknado.

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18. The Box Is Important

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This cake was designed just fine, but the hotel they were getting married at didn't provide a box for the cake and it got... a little smushed. The perfect excuse to just dig in with your hands!

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Picking a wedding cake design can be a hard decision and then trusting someone to deliver on those expectations even a bigger gamble.

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Let's hope it works out in the end.

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