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'Buddy Benches' Are The Heartwarming Initiative Popping Up At Schools Across The Country

In an effort to combat bullying, many schools across the country are turning to a simple bench.

Known as he Buddy Bench, these additions to playgrounds and schools are proving to be effective in teaching children to include others during playtime.

Let's learn more about this awesome idea that's changing kids' lives and making sure everyone has a friend to play with.

If you're a parent, you might have seen a Buddy Bench pop up at your child's school or playground.

The Buddy Bench movement began a few years ago around a very simple premise: If a child doesn't have anyone to play with at recess, they can take a seat on the Buddy Bench. This will signal to other children to ask them to join in their games.

This simple idea took off thanks to the help of social media.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly where the idea for the Buddy Bench started, but many claim the idea originated from a student named Christian Bucks in 2013.

Soon, parents took to social media to share this great initiative. Now, they're becoming more popular at schools and playgrounds.

The Buddy Bench has actually changed children's lives.

For shy children, the buddy bench is an easy way for them to tell others that they need someone to play with. It also teaches children how to be inclusive towards others.

Many schools also see the Buddy Bench as an effective anti-bullying strategy.

When children are taught to be empathetic and inclusive towards others, the rates of bullying decrease. I absolutely love this idea and hope Buddy Benches will soon be a staple at every school.

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