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Little Girl's Outfit Faux Pas Creates Hilarious School Pictures

It's awesome when kids want to be more independent and it's even better when parents totally go along with it. Some even encourage it!

This cool mom named Laura Pyle from Pennsylvania let her daughter chose her own clothing for school photo day and didn't even give it a second thought. That is, until she got the picture proofs back with hilarious results.

The results from school picture day can be a mixed bag.

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We all have a school photo or two that we're embarrassed to show off that's now sitting somewhere in our drawers gathering dust. Sometimes they're embarrassing because of choices we made, including our love for the caped crusader.

Other times, they're embarrassing because of a fashion mistake.

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No matter how proud you are to be a heartbreaker, you probably shouldn't risk it on picture day.

The good news is at least we can laugh at this hilarious pics, right?

Everyone went through an awkward phase or had a straight-up school photo fail. Thankfully, stories like this one remind us to have a sense of humor about it.

Laura Pyle's daughter's photo mishap was part of this second category — a fashion faux-pas.

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Her daughter picked a sparkly green dress for her school photos.

It would've been all fine and dandy only Laura forgot that the photographers usually use green screens for photos.

You can imagine her surprise when she got the photo proofs by e-mail only to realize her daughter was blending perfectly into the background scenery.

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Oh no! You didn't! LOL!

That sounds like every parents' school photo nightmare. Doesn't it? And there usually are no re-takes. Oh boy! This doesn't sound too good to me.

Talk about blending perfectly with your surroundings.

Facebook | Laura Pyle

Even though this looks like a huge mistake, Laura and the internet actually liked the results.

LOL! I think everyone should do their kids' school pictures this way. This looks way more fun than those boring shots anyway.

Instead of freaking out and thinking all the pictures were ruined by this silly, little innocent mistake, Laura actually burst out laughing.

Facebook | Laura Pyle

And she ended up loving the pics.

I say, good for her.

Facebook | Laura Pyle

I mean why settle for boring school pictures anyway when you can have so much more fun looking at these. This one is my favorite.

People couldn't stop praising this cute mistake.

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It would be hard to pick a favorite!

I totally agree with Cheryl.

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If possible, I would order the whole set and I would just mail them out to everybody for different occasions.

Just take a look at all the variety in these photos. This little kid is showing us versatility.

You can't get any more patriotic than this.

Facebook | Laura Pyle

Can you? Ha, ha, ha. I'm with Laura, I think this is totally hilarious. It probably turned out way better this way.

I'm loving this whole photoshoot.

And I wish more parents would stress less about their kids' school pictures and just let it go. See what happens. No biggie.

When you look at it, now they have pictures of their little girl with so many different outfits than just one green dress.

Facebook | Laura Pyle

That's super handy, isn't it?

I'm actually kind of loving this look.

Facebook | Laura Pyle

Wouldn't be perfect for fall? If they ever turn this into a dress, I'm definitely going to buy it.

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

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Parents, just think outside the box and maybe just maybe you can make this process a lot more pleasurable for both of you.

Like I mentioned before, this is exactly what came to my mind when I saw these.

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It's like having a photoshoot with countless clothing options all in one. Just brilliant.

Since posting the photos on Facebook, Laura's post has been shared 11,000 times on the platform.


Thousands of people have commented on these hilarious school photos and it might even inspire some parents to try something new when school photos roll around.

See what I mean?

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It wouldn't be the worst thing if we started seeing more of these photos going viral. They beat the stuffy and formal school portraits you usually see.

These photos are definitely a memorable keepsake.

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Maybe not in the way that Laura imagined, but I'm sure they'll be treasured for years to come.

What do you think of this school photos accident?

Are you digging these like me or would you be furious if this happened to your daughter?