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Parents Can't Get Over This Toy Dyson Vacuum That Actually Cleans

Most parents would love it if their kids helped out around the house a little more.

Well, this new toy might just encourage that. Casdon Toys has released a miniature toy Dyson vacuum that actually cleans.

Of course, parents are loving this idea. Heck, I'll take one for myself and one for my son.

Toy vacuums are a playtime staple.

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Every kids goes through a phase where they want to be a "Little Helper" and show an interest in doing everything mom and dad do.

Sadly this phase really tapers off by the time they become a teenager.

This might be the best one on the market right now. Introducing the Dyson ball vacuum for kids.

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It looks exactly like a real Dyson ball vacuum, just smaller so your little ones can zoom around and vacuum with it.

The vacuum makes realistic sounds and the "dust" swirls around in the front chamber.

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And get this — the vacuum will actually suck up small bits of debris and paper. As in, you can kind of trick your kids into cleaning your floors while playing with this.

Obviously parents are loving this toy, but so are their kids!

Like I said, kids love imitating their parents so having their own vacuum is a way for them to feel involved with the daily chores.

It has the toddler seal of approval.

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I think it's safe to say that this toy is a hit. It could be right up there with Tickle-Me-Elmo and Cabbage Patch Kids in the terms of popularity.

Besides helping parents with the never-ending list of chores, there are some educational benefits to toys like this vacuum.

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Toys that promote imaginative play like vacuums, toy kitchens, and dress-up stations help children's creativity and cognitive development. That's a win for parents and kids!

Did we mention that this toy is also super affordable?

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Your child can have their own Dyson for about $30! If only real Dysons came at this price-point, right parents?

Well, I'm sold.

It seems like a hit with kids and parents alike. Come to think of it, my floors have been looking a little dusty, too. I'll get my son on those as soon as this arrives at our house.

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