People Are Dragging This YouTuber For The Comments She Made Over Her Newborn Daughter's Skin Color

Who needs reality TV when YouTubers are out there documenting their lives for the rest of us to watch? Sometimes, the most entertaining part isn't even watching their videos. It's reading the comment section and watching the drama unfold.

That's exactly what happened when fans started dragging one popular YouTube star over the comments she made over her baby's skin color. See how the drama went down.

Biannca Prince is one half of the popular YouTube channel D&B Nation.

She runs the channel with her husband, Damien, and the couple has grown a following online through their reaction, prank, and music videos.

The couple also has a channel called The Prince Family that documents their family life for their fans and followers.

The couple has two sons named Kyrie and DJ. In September 2018, they announced that they were expecting their third baby! Congrats to the Prince family!

In April 2019, Biannca and Damien welcomed a baby girl named Nova Grace.

Biannca and Damien recently released the video of Nova's birth on their YouTube channel, and so far, it has over 1.8 million views.

However, some fans have raised concerns over a moment in the video where Biannca comments on Nova's skin and eye color.


At one point in the video, Biannca says, "She's going to have brown eyes for sure," after stating that she thought that her daughter would be born with "pretty eyes" like herself rather than brown like Damien.

Damien then apologized for passing on his brown eyed genes.

Instagram | @novagraceprince

Biannca also makes a few other remarks about Nova's skin tone saying, "Damien thinks she'll either be DJ's color or a little darker."

Many fans wondered why Biannca and Damien made so many comments about Nova's skin tone in the video.

YouTube | Destinee BeautyLee

Biannca is biracial herself, but some YouTube fans accused her of being a colorist with the comments she made towards her daughter. A "colorist" is someone who discriminates against others based on their skin color.

Others thought that Biannca and Damien should have been focusing on the fact that the baby was healthy and not what she looked like.

YouTube | Astro Goddess

I think all parents make comments about their baby's appearence when they're born and try to guess things like their eye color (I know I did), but maybe it was the comments about Nova's skin color that agitated people.

Some fans thought Biannca's comments were "shameful".

YouTube | Christine bowen

I'm sure the family wasn't expecting people to find these comments so controversial, but that's the risk of posting things online I suppose.

Since the backlash, Biannca has responded to fans concerns.

"lmao y’all people are funny. i threw no shade towards my baby in that video. it was our reaction to what she looks like. i never not once said I was mad," she said in a YouTube comment.

She also tweeted on the matter.

Twitter | @bianncarraines

She continued in another tweet, "Anyways, I love you [expletive]s who are REAL SUPPORTERS," and then added some Cardi B lyrics for style.

More comments are sure to follow.

Instagram | @x_bianncaraines

I'm sure this isn't the last we will hear from The Prince Family or little Nova. With active social media accounts, I'm sure we will be getting a new update from them soon.