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Snooki's Frustrated Pregnancy Update Is Causing Controversy

If you've ever been pregnant, then you know how slowly the last month goes by. It's actually torture.

As your due date gets closer, your belly makes doing anything impossible, your maternity clothes barely fit, and trying to sleep is basically out of the question.

Jersey Shore star Snooki is currently at the end of her third pregnancy and took to Instagram to express her frustration. However, not everyone agreed with what she had to say.

Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki, rose to fame thanks to the reality TV show, "Jersey Shore".

The MTV production followed a group of twenty-somethings as they partied during a summer on the Jersey Shore. It was riveting and I definitely binged it when I was in high school.

Well, things have changed for Nicole in the years since the show ended.

She's the mom to two adorable kids and she's got another baby on the way. Congrats, Nicole!

She's also developed a successful lifestyle and fashion brand, besides having a few reality TV spin-offs of her own.

Nicole is nearing her due date with this baby boy and she is so over being pregnant.

She revealed that her new bundle of joy will be named Angelo, but to be honest, she's not feeling so joyful right at the moment. She is very, very pregnant and wants that baby out.

Besides being very pregnant and physically uncomfortable, the reason Snooki is so eager for baby Angelo to get here is because of her husband's schedule.

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Snooki and her husband wanted to make sure he would be able to attend the birth but might need to accommodate baby Angelo's schedule instead now. Babies, am I right, folks?

It seems that Nicole has be unsuccessful at trying to induce labor.

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"So I just got back from the doctor’s office. I’m so annoyed because I’ve been feeling cramps and I swear the baby’s coming out, and then I went today and he said like another two weeks or so,” she said on the May 16 episode of her podcast.

To express her frustration, Nicole shared this photo to her Instagram stories.

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She shared this photo of her bump, along with the caption, "Come out you little S---".

Online, people took issue with how Snooki referred to her baby.

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People said they felt "sorry" for the child and wondered if her attitude would change once the baby came.

Others thought that her use of profanity wasn't classy.

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Honestly, all I can say is don't judge until you've carried a nearly 10-pound weight in your organs near your bladder. The frustration is understandable.

Despite some controversy, other pregnant moms had Nicole's back

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This expecting mom gets it. Not only are you uncomfortable during those last few weeks, but you also just really want to meet your baby. The last month of pregnancy goes by the slowest, I swear.