10+ Rules The Duggars Have No Choice But To Follow

Ah yes, the wild and wonderful world of The Duggars. Their show, 19 Kids and Counting has inspired us, made us laugh and best of all, made us feel.

Cue beautiful, feeling music.

Let's visit the world of '19 Kids and Counting'.


With all those people in one house, all occupying the same show, the family has to keep everyone on a decently taut leash.

Today, we're going to discover some of the rules they had to follow on the show.

1. Courtships and their father.


Some might think asking someone's father for their hand in marriage or asking someone's father to date another person, in general, is old fashioned, but that's exactly what The Duggars are: old fashioned.

The Duggar dad, Jim Bob Duggar, must approve all potential courtships.

2. They must dress modestly.


A style which they call "fundamentalist fashion", the style takes root in the fact that they have to be dressed in a way that the good lord would approve.

3. Husbands and submission.


Depending on how you read that, you might think this segment is going to go in a very different direction.

No, the wives must be subservient to their husbands in the Duggar family.

4. Phone Calls and Text Messages are monitored.


Imagine you're a teenager again. Go ahead, picture it.

You get a call from your crush, so you pick it up and you're all excited... but your parents are on the other line.

What a nightmare, right? Well, that's the life of the Duggars.

5. Strict Rules On Unmarried Motherhood.


So I don't even want to think about what else happens if you're a Duggar and have a baby out of wedlock, but I know this: if you do, then the Duggars won't let their kids talk to you.

6. Dates Are Chaperoned.


Obviously, this is the case.

I mean, when your parents monitor your phone calls, don't let you talk to unwed mothers and make you dress like a modern-day quaker, did you really think they were going to let you go out alone with someone?

7. No Pants For Girls.

Jessa Seewald, Instagram

Only dresses and skirts if you're a woman in the Duggar family.

My god imagine it, ladies... no jeans, no yoga pants, no sweat pants.

8. No kissing or hugging.


When a Duggar is dating someone, they aren't allowed to kiss or hug their significant other... from the front. At least that's the rule the parents have come up with.

Huh... I think I know a loophole.

9. No beach.


Or should I say no public beaches? It would be too hard for the non-religious men to keep their eyes averted.

The Duggars do in fact swim though. They go to private lakes, rivers, etc. That photo is how I would look if I couldn't go for a swim in the summer.

10. No Halloween.


This one's pretty obvious, I mean, if you're that religious you're not going to get into a pagan holiday that celebrates demons and ghouls and witches.

Apparently, God is not down with that.

11. No social media.


Until you're engaged. Um... I'm sorry, but what?

Apparently, the temptations presented on social media might be too much for an unwed child of theirs, so it's banned until you have a partner.

12. No Holding Hands.


Okay, so you're not allowed to kiss or hug, but are you allowed to hold hands?

No, apparently not. What a shame, honestly.

13. No TV.


What? But then how would they watch themselves? Man, that must get tempting.

Regardless, the television is banned in the Duggar household.

14. No immodest women.


I... I am at a loss for words. Just listen to what happens when they're in public:

"The Duggar women act as "lookouts." When one of them spots a girl dressed inappropriately (which usually means showing too much skin), they yell "Nike!" This warns all the men in the family to shield their eyes and look away."

15. They court, and don't simply date.

Instagram | @austinandjoyforsyth

For the family, courting is "dating with a purpose" and is different from just dating for funsies.

"“Courtship is really waiting for the one God has for you and praying through the whole process," Jim Bob explained.

16. The kids are not allowed to move out of the house until they're married.

The women, especially, are to stay with the family and are under their parent's authority until they are married.

17. They can't talk to anyone who's had a child out of wedlock.

Instagram | @jillmdillard

When one of their family members, Susanna Keller, had a child before marriage, Jill Duggar, a midwife, could not assist in the birth the child.

18. They can't dance to modern music.

That's right, not even if they wanted to.

That means no flossing, twerking, or headbanging. But that's probably for the best.