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Pregnant Women Are Sharing The Awkward Things People Said To Them

Being pregnant is supposed to be a wonderful and magical time.

Okay, well, between the morning sickness and doctor's appointments it might not be 100% magical, per se, but it is special.

There also seems to be an unspoken rule that people have to say the weirdest and most inappropriate things to pregnant women.

Here are just a few that were shared on a recent Reddit thread.

When the questions begin asking for too much information.

"I’ve been asked a total of four times where I conceived. By family members. Like... how in depth do you really want that answer?" said Abaiyachi.

You know, when it comes to family, sometimes the questions can get too personal.

I LOVE this response.


"At 7 months pregnant, my wife was in a grocery store, when a woman we do not know walked up, placed her hand on my wife's baby bump and said, 'How precious, you feel like about 7 months pregnant.

My wife cannot stand being touched, unbidden, by strangers.

So she smiled, grabbed the woman's boob and replied, 'You feel like about a B cup,'" said jbdaddy12.

Lesson learned.

Um, excuse me?

"At swimming lessons a guy was asking me about when the baby was due and whether I had other children and then asked me whether they were all by the same father," said fsr87.

Hey, dude! Guess what? It's none of your business!

Is this ever appropriate?


"While looking me up and down to see if I was gaining weight: 'Oh, it all went to your thighs, didn't it?' Please don't comment on my body fat distribution, thanks," said 5RabbitsInALongCoat.

People. Need. To. Shut. Their. Mouths.

How does this naturally come up in conversation?

"After the birth of my first son someone asked me if my vagina was, 'all loose and stuff now,'" said nailsandlashes.

Ugh, people can be the worst.

Is there no such thing as boundaries anymore?


"When I found out I was having a boy I was asked several times what position I conceived in. Once in front of my mother," said redsetded.

I don't even know where to start with this one.

Try this instead of a gender reveal.

"When I was less than a month from giving birth I was asked for the gazillionth time what I wanted. I do not think they anticipated my reply, 'Kittens!'"said VeeBeeEll.

Well, that's one way to shut down the nosy questions.

This awkward observation.

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"I went from having 32C boobs to 34EE and one of the parents at my work said 'I bet your hubby loves your boobs now' like there was something wrong with small boobs," said poppicat2248.

Please, don't comment on the boobs. Ever.

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