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Jessica Simpson Low-Key Shaded Online Shamers In An Instagram Post

It seems that everyone online is a parenting expert these days. People aren't afraid to jump in and offer parenting advice to celebs even when literally no one asked for their opinion or help.

Usually, we just brush these comments off as mom-shaming and get on with our day.

Some celebrities have had a hard time catching a break.

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After being attacked numerous times since giving birth to each of her three kids, Jessica Simpson decided to low-key throw some shade at these shamers.

We all know Jessica is one fierce and glamorous mama.

How does she look this good all the time with a house full of three young children? I'm lucky if I can squeeze a shower in my day.

Being glam isn't the only thing she does, though.

Instagram | @jessicasimpson

Besides looking amazing, we all know that Jessica is also a loving mama who loves sharing updates with fans. Her Instagram is full of adorable shots like this one of her family.

However, being a mom in the public's eye means that people will take any and every opportunity to shame you.

Like when Jessica shared this photo of her husband carrying their newborn in a carseat, people jumped on the couple for covering baby Birdie.

A lot of people were concerned that the baby was too covered.

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While it is true that babies can overheat with a carseat cover, most parents cover their babies when going outside to protect them from the weather.

As long you you monitor your baby, you should be fine.

She also received heat for this adorable video she shared of her son and husband playing in the pool.

Shamers in the comments thought the play was too rough considering that her son, Ace, had a cast on one of his arms.

"It makes him happy and it's kids being kids," She said in defense.

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She told Extra, "I posted Ace in the pool with a cast on because there is really no stopping a child [...] He is in my husband’s hands. I know he’s okay."

She also added, "If people were in that situation, if they had a husband like mine, they would feel comfortable."

Well, the mom-shamers went after Jessica again when she shared a few photos of Birdie and big sister, Maxwell.

Aren't they the sweetest sisters? I'm definitely getting some Jessica and Ashlee vibes from this photo!

Why did the mom-shamers go after Jessica for this seemingly innocent photo. Well...

It all has to do with how Birdie is positioned.

In this photo and the one with Maxwell, Birdie is shown sleeping on her tummy. Pediatricians recommend that all babies sleep on their back until they are able to roll over on their own.

People were quick to call out Jessica in the comments.

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I know people were doing this in Birdie's best interests, but I think she was put on her tummy for the photo and normally sleeps on her back.

Even though the mom-shamers were out in full-force, people quickly defended Jessica.

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People were quick to shut down the haters and tell them to just let Jessica and her family live their lives. Amen!

Clearly, Jessica was monitoring the situation the whole time.

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Many people place their babies on their tummies for a quick photo. It's really not uncommon.

Anyways, Jessica finally took her turn to shade the mommy-shamers with this Instagram post.

In this photo of Birdie sleeping on her back (wink, wink), Jessica wrote, "I like to pose on my belly, but I love to sleep on my back," in the caption.

Ha! There you have it, shamers.

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Jessica fully knows how to beat you at your game. Remember this the next time you try to shame a celeb parent online.