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11+ Pics That Sum Up Life With A Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time for both parents-to-be. It's a time for celebration and eager anticipation. But on the other hand, it can also be a very trying time, especially for the father-to-be.

Dealing with a pregnant wife can be a daily challenge no man has been duly prepared for. Just check out these sticky situations and you'll see what I mean.

1. When There's No Room For You

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You may as well face it, when your wife gets to that 7-month-mark the bed becomes her domain. See ya, sucker!

2. When She Gets A Craving

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Oh oh! I hope you didn't get this message when you were fast asleep because when she wants it she needs to get it!

3. When She Can't Get Into The Car Anymore

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LOL. I probably shouldn't laugh at this because I genuinely feel for her. But I just can't stop picturing it.

4. When Her Pregnancy Is Taking A Toll On You

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Ah, suck it up, buddy. She's carrying like a basketball in her tummy so what do you expect!!!

5. When She's Being Too Picky

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I guess from now on and until the baby comes you're stuck eating vanilla. Oh, tough luck. Better get used to it.

6. When You Leave Your Pregnant Wife Alone In The House

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"Either a bear or my pregnant wife got into my protein bars..." Hmm, I bet it was the latter.

7. When You Don't Know What's Coming

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Ha, ha, ha! Who can blame her for this one? I mean it's not exactly a sure thing especially the first time around.

8. When You Make The Mistake Of Asking How She Feels


And she sends this to you. I dunno about you, but I would be kinda scared to go home.

9. When You Need To Be Resourceful

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When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, right? When life gives you a bite-size snicker piece you have to improvise.

10. When This Happens

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I bet this is every guys' dream scenario here. Huh? Only to get crushed when they find out they hurt too much to enjoy it.

11. When You Did Something Wrong Like Perhaps Snoring

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When your pregnant wife sends you this picture at 2 AM you know you did something wrong. But what?

12. When She's Eating For Two

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A word of advice to you, hide your treats, guys. Because when she gets a hold of it, there's just no stopping her.

13. When Her Word Is Your Command


Friend on Facebook: "When your pregnant wife asks you to buy her 100 mince pies - you buy her 100 mince pies!"

Haha, I feel a little bad for these guys putting up with all of their pregnant wive's commands.

But then again, they kinda signed up for this, didn't they?

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