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Mom's Then-And-Now Photo Shows The Incredible Changes Caused By Pregnancy

Everyone knows that pregnancy can have a dramatic effect on a woman's body, but sometimes those changes aren't clear until we can see them in a photo.

One mom's then-and-now pics are going viral for their ability to not only show these changes, but for her body-positive message to all the other moms out there.

Take a look at this mom's incredible picture and her amazing story.

Brenda Sterns is a busy mom of five and the person behind the popular Instagram account @she_plusfive.

Brenda's children are Victoria, Veronica, Samuel, Vanessa, Benjamin and Brenda, shares updates on their life as a family through her Instagram account.

Brenda's take on parenthood is very relatable.

Any parents who are currently co-sleeping (by choice or not) will find this image familiar. I never co-slept with my son because I am way too protective of my bed space.

She has also posted a number of body-positive photos that showcase her real postpartum body.

In this simple side-by-side photo, Brenda reminds other moms out there that your worth doesn't come from what your body looks like. You're still the same person you were before.

When it comes to things like stretch marks and cellulite, Brenda isn't afraid to share those with the world.

In a time where it seems that everyone is flaunting their flat tummies on Instagram, it's refreshing to see someone embrace their body's natural features. Go, Brenda!

Despite Brenda's positivity and confidence, haters have still criticized her body.

She fought back in a powerful Instagram post.

"So while society wants to sit behind a screen and label us as flawed, I am here to remind myself and all of you that to our children we are perfect," she wrote.

And like a lot of moms, Brenda has struggled with accepting her postpartum body.

"I have struggled so much in the past to love my body, I clung to the idea of getting back to my pre baby body as fast as possible," she said in an Instagram post.

In a recent post, Brenda reflected on her body during and after pregnancy.

"I think it’s so amazing how much has changed since, I look at the picture on the right and I’m so amazed. I may not look like a magazine cover girl but dang do I feel like it!!" she said.

She also took an opportunity to show her body some gratitude for being able to care for her children.

Moms everywhere were loving this photo.

Instagram | @she_plusfive

It takes a lot of courage to post photos like these, but when women like Brenda do this, it helps other moms out there realize that they aren't alone.

Other women shared in Brenda's gratitude for her body.

Instagram | @she_plusfive

We focus so much on what moms' bodies look like instead of what they can do. They grow and nurture little people! Let's make that the focus of more conversations.