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Pregnant Moms Are Creating Magical Mermaid Maternity Photos

The newest trend for maternity photos involves moms channeling their inner Ariel for magical mermaid-inspired shots.

As a huge fan of The Little Mermaid I can totally get behind this trend, and I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't a thing when I was pregnant. I guess I better get on those mermaid family photos ASAP.

If you're looking for unique maternity photos no one else will have, you might just want to give these a try.

The new trend in maternity photos is here and mamas are diving right into it.

With the help of a mermaid tail and a skilled photographer, moms are creating these magical mermaid maternity photos.

For some of these, I'm actually in awe of the shots.

How did they capture this photo? Did she really hold her breath long enough to take the picture? I have so many questions!

Mermaids are so in right now, so it's no surprise that moms are embracing them.

I think deep-down, everyone wants to secretly become a mermaid and moms are no different! Everyone is living out their mermaid dreams with these photos!

These pics looks like "The Little Mermaid" in real life.

I hope Disney is taking some notes because they could totally use these photos for inspiration when they film the live-action version of the Disney fave.

These maternity photos are the bubbles.

We all know life is better under the sea, and apparently, so are maternity photos. Any pregnant mamas out there ready to try this trend?