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Dad's Hilarious Viral Post Shows These 'Toy Story 4' Diapers Are Either Genius Marketing Or A Huge Fail

Kids say so many crazy and weird things that you think parents would know to prepare for all the possibilities.

However, there are times when the things our kids say surprise and shock us so much, that there's no way we could have ever predicted these situations.

One dad took to Facebook to share his hilarious story of how some Toy Story diapers caused a bit of an embarrassing scene for his family.

As I'm sure you're aware, the highly-anticipated conclusion to "Toy Story" will hit theaters this summer.

Along with the movie, there will be numerous product tie-ins to look forward to. Everything from clothing and toys and food to...

...diapers. Actually, to be specific, Pull-Ups training pants.

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There have been Toy Story Pull-Ups in stores for years now, but with the newest movie coming out, it looks like some new designs have been released.

Now, if you're not a parent, Pull-Ups are basically diapers for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

When parents are going through the joy of potty training, they get to use these bad boys in the case of an, er, accident. Hey, they happen to the best of us.

Anyways, these Pull-Ups feature all your favorite characters.


What kid wouldn't want Buzz Lightyear on their Pull-Ups? I'm an adult woman and I want Buzz Lightyear underwear!

And then, of course, there's Woody.

Facebook | Nathan McComas

He's the star of the movie, so obviously, he needs to be featured. However, one dad's hilarious viral story might force Pull-Ups to reconsider featuring this character on their products.

Nathan McComas took to Facebook to share this hilarious story that happened when his family went out to a restaurant.

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"Thank you Huggies Pull-Ups® for one of the biggest and funniest embarrassments my wife and I have had in the past six years of parenting. Our two-year-old wins in this category after our incident the other day," Nathan said in his post.

Apparently, Nathan's son was so excited about his new diapers that he just had to tell the whole restaurant.

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"However, him jumping up at dinner in a 90% full restaurant and screaming 'I’ve got a Woody' and 'look at my Woody', was the last thing I’d thought my child would say," he said.

Oh my goodness... If I was Nathan I don't know if I would laugh or die of embarrassment.

Nathan also thanked Pull-Ups for their "clever marketing" which makes me wonder, was this planned all along? Did they know how hilarious this would be? I really need to know.