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11+ Times Kids Outsmarted Their Parents

Kids do the darndest things, don't they? From sneaking food to not wanting to share their stuff with anyone to temper tantrums. I'm sure parents everywhere have seen it all.

So here are the weirdest and funniest times that kids have tried and successfully outsmarted their parents in ways that only kids can do.

1. When Nothing Will Stop Them

This must be every parents' nightmare, no? Just when you thought you were smart to keep them in, they always find a way.

2. When They're Wise Beyond Their Age

That double knot you just did will surely keep them away from mayhem... only you severely underestimated your one-year-old again. Oops!

3. When Your Kid Wants To Make Friends

Somehow this makes total sense when you really think about it, doesn't it? And yet we keep telling kids that. LOL!

4. When Your Kid Won't Share

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So this is perfectly normal, isn't it? I mean your kid is not that hungry to eat the whole thing but still won't share.

5. When Outsmarting Your Kid Backfires

Twitter | @eatsleepmom

This serves you right! Sometimes no matter how hard you try to outsmart your five-year old they still get the advantage on you.

6. When Your Kid Is Not Impressed

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OMG, I feel so bad for this mom but secretly I can't stop laughing. Imagine having this kid to deal with every day.

7. When Your Kid Knows Too Much About Technology

See what happens when you teach your kids about technology way too soon? Now there are no excuses for the noise.

8. When They Can't Stop Watching Their Favorite Show

Oh no, this is a sign of things to come. Nothing keeps this kid from watching her favorite show.

9. When Your Kid Discovers Your Tricks

Oh crap, once they get to the curious age I'm afraid it's all over your for. This mom's toddler realized there was tape over the speakers of his toys to reduce the nouse, and began peeling it off. The only answer: hide the other toys.

10. When You Find The Biggest Spoon In The House

So you thought you were being so smart telling your kid to only have one peanut butter spoon. Guess again!

11. When You Tell Your Kid They Can Choose Their Own Present

Kids usually don't think big picture when they get to decide their own presents, but when they do, you're in trouble.

12. When Your Kid Figures Out How To 'Carry' Something Too Heavy

Sometimes the easiest way to get something where you want it is to push it. I dread the day that my kids figure that one out.

13. When Their Math Is On Point

Wow, this is a subtle way to find out your toddler could be a math genius. I dunno, happy or sad?

14. When Your Kid Has Faster Hands Than You're Prepared For

It's a big accomplishment when your kid can sit up in the cart on their own, but it's a bigger accomplishment for them when they can swipe something into your cart (or their mouths) without you noticing.

15. When You Tell Them To Eat Half Their Grapes

Imgur | jozdaz

This mom's kid said she gave them too many grapes, so she told her to just eat half of them. And eat half of them she did. Technically speaking.

16. When Your Kid Becomes A Climber

So I heard stories of this, but seeing is definitely believing. Looks like they're gonna have to lock this fridge from now on.

17. When They Really Listen To You

I feel bad for parents. They really need to rethink what they say to their kids because turns out they really listen.

18. When They Become Smugglers

This story is almost like something out of a movie. I can't believe this kid thought of smuggling out sugar packages buy using a hollowed-out breadstick. Insane!

These are funny and terrifying.

OMG, I dunno if I should laugh at these or get scared. These kids are just too smart for me. What has your kid done to outsmart you?

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