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10+ Hilarious Tweets About Motherhood That Tell It Like It Is

Being a mom is hard work. Pretty much everyone knows that. Moms have to do a lot for their kids, as well as keep the household going and even take care of their partners.

So it leaves very little time for anything else. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise that sometimes moms don't exactly have it all together. Can you relate?

1. Moms Need Their Snacks, Too

Twitter | @Hypercraxy

Okay, okay so this might seem like a bad mom moment but really, when you think about it, she just needs a little treat.

2. When You're Trying To Get Away

Twitter | @mommyshorts

Ha ha ha! This probably sounded like a good idea at the time but unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way.

3. When You're Seeking Wisdom

Twitter | @Lhlodder

So everyone believes that moms know everything, but sadly that's usually much further from the truth. But you have to give them props for trying.

4. When You Get Good At Lying


Moms want to give their kids everything. But, sometimes, they need to keep certain things all to themselves. You get it!

5. When Your Kid's Too Smart

Twitter | @JennyPentland

How do kids get so smart? Just when you think you have them all figured out they throw a curve ball your way.

6. When You just Don't Worry Anymore

Twitter | @KateWhineHall

It's funny how when you're a first-time parent you'll never consider faster alternatives instead of health but by the third, you couldn't care less.

7. When Your Kid Scares You

Kids say the darndest things, don't they? Although in this case I dunno what to make of this one. But I feel for her.

8. When You're Trying To Get Your Kid To Fall Asleep

Twitter | @CaffeineandF

This sounds like such a rookie mistake. I mean doesn't every mom know this little trick? Amirite?

9. When You Just Had Enough

Twitter | @LurkAtHomeMom

It's all fun and games until you just can't take it anymore. You can't always stay as cool as a cucumber. It happens.

10. When You Get No Privacy

Twitter | @UnfilteredMama

OMG, I think this one is my absolute favorite mom moment. I mean not only she gets no privacy but imagine the embarrassment.

11. When You've Got The Case Of Mom Brain

Twitter | @PetrickSara

Here's to all the times they told you "mom brain" was a myth. No, they're wrong. It does exist.

12. When Life's A Beach

Twitter | @WorkingMom86

Here's one reason to avoid that summer beach vacation or just roll the dice and see how it turns out. Either way, it's okay.

13. When You Need A Little Extra

Twitter | @PetrickSara

How many moms can relate to this? Raise your hand. It's okay, don't worry. We all need a little extra "advice" now and then.

Now that you see that you're not the only one struggling with this parenting thing, just take a much-deserved break and have that margarita or two or three.

Who's counting?

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