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A Dad Made An Awesome DIY 'Busy Board' For His Toddler

Most parents know that no matter how many toys you buy your kid, they will play with them for, like, five minutes, before losing interest and turning their attention to the box it came in. Or the toilet. Or a piece of paper on the ground. Basically, anything that isn't the toy you bought them.

Well, this dad's DIY creation might actually keep your kid entertained for longer than a few minutes and it's super affordable to make your own.

An Imgur user known as teachezofpeachez shared his DIY creation online for keeping his toddler entertained.

Imgur | teachezofpeachez

This DIY busy board for his little guy features magnetic letters, lights, a calculator, an old phone, and even a toilet paper holder.

This project could be made with common objects from around the home, as long as they don't pose any safety risks for your child.

Since sharing his creation, this post has been viewed about 2-million times! Other parents have taken to social media to share their own DIY busy boards.

Here's one made from an old palette that could be mounted to a wall. Like teachezofpeachez's version, it uses common household items to keep the kiddos entertained for hours.

There's really no limit when it comes to the possibilities of these busy boards.

You can even upcycle some old toys or raid your local thrift store to find materials for these awesome toys. Anything to keep your kid occupied for five minutes so you can go to the bathroom, right?

If you aren't the handiest person, you can also find these in toy stores.

I know these were a staple for me when I was a kid, and there are still lots available online or in toy stores. They're classics for a reason!

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