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A Dad Built A Magical Reading Tree For His Daughter And Now We Want One Too

As a little girl, I was mesmerized by fairy tales and enchanted forests. I loved reading books about them and fantasizing. That's what most little girls like to do.

If only I asked my dad to build me an awesome tree in my own bedroom as this dad did. Perhaps my imagination would have been even stronger.

Take a look at this DIY from Imgur user radamshome. What do you think of this project?

I can't believe it, there's a tree in this little girl's bedroom!

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And it truly looks amazing. So much work must've gone into creating this visually stunning room.

1. The Cost

Imgur | radamshome

According to this dad, it cost about $4,250 to renovate his daughter's bedroom. And it took him around 350 hours time over a period of 18 months.

2. The Design

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Every project starts with an idea and a design. Here's the original sketch the dad drew to put his idea on paper. This looks so imaginative indeed.

3. Scale Model

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It's always a good idea to create a scaled model so you can roughly see what the final design will look like. This is a helpful tool.

4. Outline

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Now he was ready to transfer the design idea into an actual outline. He could easily follow along and know exactly where each piece needed to fit.

5. Skeleton

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The frame of the tree was made from welded metal and wire screen. This part took a long time and even resulted in some injuries. Ouch!

6. Lighting

Imgur | radamshome

Not only does this tree look amazing during the day but it also lights up at night. Radamshome installed some low-voltage light fixtures.

7. Concrete

Imgur | radamshome

For the tree to look solid, radamshome needed to use concrete to cover it. To create texture this dad used silicone bark rollers and clay sculpting tools.

8. Paint

Imgur | radamshome

The whole tree was painstakingly painted and the rest of the room also got the royal paint treatment to create that gorgeous, mysterious, and enchanted forest look.

9. Intricate Details

Imgur | radamshome

It's all in the details, isn't it? Well, this dad definitely put some hard work into this project. Just look at how intricate the door knobs look.

10. Tree Branches

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To create the base foliage layer, you can usually score some good deals online for tree branches and then get more detailed pieces to put on top.

11. Forest Animals

Imgur | radamshome

To make this forest come alive, radamshome added some animals. Here, you can see birds and butterflies. They definitely make this piece really stand out.

12. Night Effect

Imgur | radamshome

To create that beautiful nighttime light effect, radamshome just used Christmas lights. Now you really feel like you're transported into an enchanted and magical fairy forest.

Don't you wish you were a kid again?

Imgur | radamshome

Ah, to escape our daily lives and get lost reading a book about faraway lands and fairy tales. One can dream, right?