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Check Out This Awesome DIY Playhouse Made By One Creative Dad

I wrote before about a dad who created a stunning fairy tree house for his daughter's bedroom. But it seems like there are other dads who have embarked on a mission to build awesome indoor playgrounds for their kids.

This dad made a DIY basement playhouse by converting the area under a staircase that was just used for storage. Now it surely is the envy of all the neighborhood kids.

1. First, this dad punched out the door and window for the playhouse.

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This playhouse was built in the area underneath the basement stairs.

2. At this point, he needed to plan the outline of the playhouse.

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He created a rough draft straight on the wall.

3.Then, of course, he needed to build a custom door to fit perfectly in the new wall opening.

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This definitely takes some handy work.

Here's a closer look at how the door has been assembled together with the door hinges and all.

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Looks like pretty good woodworking job here, don't you think?

I'm already tired as I'm looking at this design.

It must've taken some time to get this door looking so great up to this stage. Maybe I need a nap?

4. Now he had to do some rewiring work for the proper door opening.

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And then he added a three-way lighting switch. No one wants to play in the dark, right?

5.The woodworking never seems to stop with this creative project.

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Now on to creating the outline of this awesome playhouse. Are you impressed yet? I sure am!

6. Well, hello there! It's finally looking more like a proper outline of a fun playhouse.

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With a cheeky window for your kid to poke out from!

I bet the kiddo was really excited to see the finished product of this project.

I find it amazing how imaginative these DIY playhouse ideas can really be.

7. The playhouse would have looked so awesome with real shingles but apparently the cedar ones would have been too expensive.

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Instead, these shingles were handmade with a belt sander.

8. After all the woodworking is done, it was time for this dad to get his painter's pants on and give the door that fresh coat of bright paint.

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It's all starting to come together!

9. But you can't forget the final touches, can you? This dad didn't.

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He made sure there were some cute flowers placed on the window sill as well.

10. Here's the final reveal of this pretty and fun playhouse.

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It's a perfect way to have a place for your kids to stay occupied when they aren't running around outside.

11. The inside is complete with a play kitchen, just like a real house!

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There's actually enough room for an adult to fit in there, too!

I think this little girl is going to have so much fun with her new house.

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Honestly, I'm a little jealous. I want one of these in my home!

These DIY playhouse projects can make some dads feel left out.

But don't feel too bad if you don't have those handyman skills. Just hire your next door neighbor. LOL!

Or, better yet, send your kids over to play next door and enjoy a little peace and quiet.