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We Need To Talk About Kate Middleton's Handwriting Like, Right Now

There is truly nothing more delightful and dear than finding out new fun facts about my favourite family.

For example, finding out that Meghan Markle gets to put "princess" as her occupation on her son's birth certificate made my whole week.

You know what else made my whole week??

Finding out Meghan Markle had the calligraphy skills of an angel and the world giving her full props!!

Seriously, her skills were so good she was hired to do calligraphy for Robin Thicke's wedding back in 2005.

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I know right? Town & Country reports Paula Patton was "blown away" by Markle's handwriting.

Fans first got a glimpse of Meghan's famous font as she signed the book of condolences at the New Zealand House in London after the terrorist attack at the Mosque in Christchurch in March.

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In the book, they wrote "Our deepest condolences...we are with you", and added the Maori word "arohanui" which translates to "much love".

While many people also expressed their sympathies, people couldn't help but notice Meghan's penmanship at the same time.

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And honestly, they're not wrong.

It's truly wild how stunning everything about the royal family is, tbh.

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Kate Middleton is no exception to this stunning handwriting rule as fans were reminded this past weekend.

Kate Middleton recently opened up the The Royal Horticultural Society's "Back to Nature" Garden. Look, here she is in the garden with hubby William and the Queen!

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According to the Kensington Palace Instagram account, the garden is part of an initiative to bring "people back to nature, and highlight the benefits of the natural world on our mental and physical well-being."

Look how adorable Wills and Kate and their baby boys are!

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Seriously, they can no wrong in my books!

Look at this precious angel, swinging on a swing in her "Back to Nature" garden!

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While at the inaugural event for her garden (taking a group of school children around the space) Kate shared a favorite, outdoorsy childhood memory.

"Boulder hopping in the Lake District," she wrote.

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She even signed the memory card using her real name, Catherine!

Fun fact, Catherine only started going by "Kate" after attending the University of St. Andrews where her friends there gave her the nickname.

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Still, Wills refers to his wife by her birth name and even Prince Harry calls Kate "Cath".



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I literally can't believe human hands wrote this.

We've seen some Kates handwriting before, but only in whispers from afar.

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Little did we know what magic was awaiting our eyes!

Now that we know Meghan and Kate are both beautiful inside and out *and* have gorgeous penmanship, it makes us wonder if calligraphy classes are mandatory for admission into the royal family??

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BRB, signing up for a calligraphy class!