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12+ Weird Summer Fashion Trends We Just Don't Get

Ah summer, I smile even at the thought of it. I'm what you may call a summer girl. I love everything about it. From the hot weather to the beach, to all the summery fashions that I just can't wait to wear.

But even I sometimes question new summer trends that seem to come out of nowhere because not all of them are as good as they seem.

1. The Suit

Beloved Shirts

If you've been hiding under a rock you probably haven't seen this abomination that has been freaking out the internet ever since it reared its ugly head. Yikes!

2. Men's Rompers

Beloved Shirts

Yes, you read that right. Move over pajama onesies, here comes the male romper. What? Not only this is the weirdest trend but paired with Trump? No!

3. Crocs Bag


Because Crocs were already such an awesome fashion statement, right? So why not just make a bag that looks just like them, too. Grandma will love it.

4. Crochet Shorts


What in the world is this? I'm all for crochet, don't get me wrong. But this trend is just too bizarre to even comprehend. Is this attractive?

5. Denim Booty Shorts


Just when I thought I've seen it all, along comes this. This takes a wedgie to a whole new level. Would you wear this summer trend?

6. The "T-shirt" T-shirt


I've seen this confusing design before and I'm still severely baffled about it. I mean how is this even an option? What is the point?

7. Weird Denim Combo

Twitter | @127JNJM

I'm not really sure what Bershka was going for with this unusual denim and black pants combination. I really don't see this taking off anytime soon. Do you?

8. Fluffy Pumps

Twitter | @MaariyahhhN

Are you supposed to wear these when going out? Or are these house slippers? I'm so confused. Can anyone help me figure this out, please?

9. Belt Necklace


So I know 50 Shades was a popular book and film series but I never thought they would take such inspiration from it to create this.

10. Nail Jewelry

YouTube | Daily Fun Facts

I have to admit, this sounded like a good idea to me at one point. Only I can't figure out how practical this would be.

11. Pants And A Tutu


I know it's sometimes hard to decide what you want to wear. Now you don't have to make a choice between pants or a tutu.

12. Handy Sunglasses

Twitter | @garothanacional

Sunglasses have come a long way, haven't they? There are so many different shapes and sizes but never have I thought I would see something like this.

13. Denim Gone Wrong

YouTube | Daily Fun Facts

Is this meant to be worn outside, for working out, or in the bedroom? Whoever designed this needs to give us some instructions, 'cause I dunno!

Ha ha ha, these summer trends are trending for all the wrong reasons, don't you think?

Which one you think is the most ridiculous one of them all?