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Feast Your Eyes On These Funky Crochet Shorts For Men

Summer is time to unleash your inner fashionista and this year's trend for men takes it to a whole other funky level.

Crochet shorts, available in every color under the sun, exist and you can easily snag your own pair through Etsy.

Let's take a look at what I'm calling THE fashion trend for men this summer.

Gentleman, feast your eyes upon summer's hottest trend.

Etsy | LordvonSchmitt

I give you, the crocheted board short.

These colorful, crochet creations have become a viral hit and it's easy to see why.

These shorts are perfect for striking a pose and are definitely Instagram-worthy.

Etsy | LordvonSchmitt

You'll be racking up the likes from your followers if you post a pic of yourself modeling these.

And they're perfect for... frolicking in the snow?

Etsy | LordvonSchmitt

I mean, I don't think you can wear them swimming so I guess using them in the snow is a better option.

These shorts are made and designed by the Etsy store LordvonSchmitt.

Etsy | LordvonSchmitt

The shorts range in price from $90-108, and you can even custom order a pair in your desired length, color, and pattern.

They even have this amazing pair, complete with a tassle fringe.

Etsy | LordvonSchmitt

Well, Father's Day is coming up, so maybe you should order these for your Pop ASAP.

LordvonSchmitt does have a five-star rating on Etsy, so that means a lot of people have been satisfied with their crochet shorts. I think I'm going to order some right now!