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CrossFit Athlete Documents Her Muscular Baby Bump With Incredible Photos

Many expecting moms choose to document their pregnancies on Instagram.

One CrossFit athlete and fitness advocate didn't think she would be one of those moms, but soon her fans starting responding to her positive and honest photos.

Not only did Kara Saunders share how her body changed during pregnancy, she also got real when it came to adjusting her fitness routine and accepting her body's new limits. Check out her fascinating journey.

Kara Saunders is a CrossFit athlete from Queensland, Australia.

She's competed in a number of international fitness championships and has built a strong social media presence. She often shares updates and tips with her followers.

In November 2018, Kara shared some personal news with her fans.

She announced that she and her husband were expecting a baby girl. So exciting! Congrats, guys!

Since announcing her pregnancy, Kara has been sharing real and honest progress pics with her fans.

"As someone who transitioned straight off a competition floor into first time preggo I am so fascinated and stoked with gaining a pair of boobs back and a fun little belly," she said in the caption for this photo taken when she was 14-weeks-pregnant.

Here's how she changed in one month during her first trimester.

It may not look like a huge difference, but Kara said she had gained about 13 pounds. You can definitely see that little bump starting to show.

Like all expecting moms, Kara found that she had to make adjustments to her workout routine.

"Now I’m craving a heavy af barbell in my hands and a disgusting set of unbroken muscle ups that make you cry, but my time will come. I love missing it because now I want it more!!" she said in her 34-week update.

At 40-weeks-pregnant, Kara shared this update.

She said that she is still focusing on her nutrition and is staying active when she can, however she can.

Even though she contemplated stopping exercise altogether until the baby comes, she realized that working out helps her feel better mentally and physcially.

Many of Kara's followers have praised her for documenting her fitness journey through pregnancy.

Instagram | @karasaundo

Like all expecting moms, Kara had her good days and her bad days and she shared these moments with everyone. Her message was always to listen to your body and do what's best for you.

For other moms who follow a fitness routine, seeing Kara's posts helped them stay active.

Instagram | @karasaundo

It can be difficult to adjust your usual routine to pregnancy, but Kara was really helpful with her suggestions and modifications.

That baby should be here any day now, so Kara also took an opportunity to thank her fans.

"I’ve shared this process hoping that maybe someone would feel a little less lonely, a little more motivated and hopefully accepting of their own process," she said in an Instagram post!

I think you helped a lot of moms out there, Kara! Congrats to your family and we're wishing you a healthy labor and delivery!