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Mom Shows The Impact Diet And Exercise Can Have On Your Baby Bump In Side-By-Side Pic

Baby bumps come in all shapes and sizes, but one mom discovered that diet and exercise dramatically changed her baby bump and her health between pregnancies.

In a dramatic side-by-side photo, this mom shows the physical impact her lifestyle had on her baby bump, but she also detailed how her pregnancies and recoveries were affected, too.

Take a look at this fascinating photo and mom's experience.

Sophie Guidolin is a fitness influencer and mom to four.

She shares updates about fitness and nutrition for women on her Instagram account but also shares personal details about her life as a mom.

Sophie has also shared images of herself when she was a pregnant compared to how she looks now that her career centers around fitness.

These photos aren't meant to shame any other moms out there, but for Sophie personally, she has made a lot of changes that have had a positive impact on her health since her first pregnancy.

In 2015, Sophie welcomed twin girls named Aria and Evie.

She shared the news of the girls' arrival on social media. Throughout her pregnancy and postpartum period, Sophie's followers got all the updates on her life as she prepared for her newest bundles of joy.

Two days after she gave birth, Sophie posted this selfie of her postpartum body.

Even though she's a fitness influencer, Sophie's body went through a lot of changes after giving birth, as this photo shows.

However, Sophie also said that her postpartum recovery was a lot different compared to her other pregnancies because of her diet and exercise.

"I in no way expect my body to bounce back to my pre pregnancy figure and feel no pressure to either, this is just a diary of me documenting my entire journey honestly, with complete raw emotions and truthfully," she said in an Instagram post.

She also revealed that she was under no pressure to "bounce back" after the birth of her daughters.

"I am not under any pressure to get back into the gym, or lose the extra 5kgs and due to my abdominal separation and surgery won't be back at it for 12 weeks, once I have clearance," she said.

To illustrate how this pregnancy with twins was a lot different because of how she took care of her body, Sophie posted this side-by-side photo.

The photo on the left was from her first pregnancy, and on the right, her pregnancy with the twins. Sophie says that a proper diet and continuing to exercise had a huge impact on her health and pregnancy.

Sophie said she suffered from conditions like gestational diabetes with her first two pregnancies.

"With my first 2 pregnancies, I had never exercised, wasn't aware of the impact of the food I ate so ate chocolate for meals, custard for lunch and 2 minute noodles for dinner!" she said.

While every woman's pregnancy is unique, Sophie believes that proper nutrition and exercise made for an easier pregnancy and recovery.

"...in the first photo my nutrition was so so poor and my recovery was really long. With the twins, my nutrition knowledge was so much better so I knew how to nourish my body (and babies!) to assist with pregnancy and my bodies recovery postpartum," she said.

Every mom needs to do what's best for them and their baby, but this is definitely something to take into consideration. Thanks for sharing, Sophie!